Optimizing your cardiac service line

With one person dying from cardiac disease every 36 seconds1 in the United States, the importance of delivering high-value heart care is clear: patients need and expect it. 

Becker’s Healthcare and Siemens Healthineers conducted a survey of more than 100 cardiologists and health system leaders to identify their most pressing challenges and priorities moving forward. The survey revealed several trends that can jeopardize a health system’s ability to deliver high-value care:

  • Rising patient volume, coupled with a shortage of experienced cardiologists
  • Long, complex interventions that often require multiple devices and advanced visualization tools
  • Shifting the emphasis on preventive therapies and procedures
  • Measuring the ROI of moving select procedures to an ASC/OBL site

We understand you need a strategy that can overcome these challenges, no matter where or when a patient enters your cardiovascular care pathway. Our cardiology portfolio provides a range of flexible solutions that can:

  • Support higher process efficiency, staff performance and improved outcomes
  • Increase reimbursement potential by reducing length of stay and leveraging minimally invasive therapies to minimize complications
  • Integrate and connect data for actionable insights that help personalize care while adhering to best practices
  • Improve procedure precision and consistency with advanced imaging devices that deliver outstanding visualization of anatomies

    Diagnosis 1 out of 10

    You can triage patients accurately, support better outcomes, and save valuable resources when your team gets the right diagnosis at the right time—whether a patient enters the care pathway in the ED or in a physician’s office.

    Solutions like our high-sensitivity troponin I assay, which delivers fast, accurate results in as little as 10 minutes,2 can help your team better manage diagnostic processes and costs with greater clinical accuracy, which can help decrease length of stay and readmissions.

    Corindus Patient Care

    As therapies—and their reimbursements—evolve, you need effective solutions that support positive patient outcomes.

    For patient therapy and interventions, you can empower data-driven decisions, build efficiency, support standardization, and potentially, improve financial performance with our innovative imaging solutions. Discover how our image-guided systems can support your team during interventional procedures.

    For complex PCI, our next-generation robotic system can reduce radiation exposure for clinical staff and patients while enabling precise measurement of anatomy and device positioning to advance therapy outcomes.

    CT Cardio-Vascular Engine – Rapid Results Technology

    Coronary artery disease, like many cardiovascular diseases, often requires long-term follow-up to prevent worsening. Here, both your team and your patients can benefit from solutions that support better patient experiences and improve the efficiency of ongoing care. 

    Reading and reporting for entire cardiovascular service line

    Our artificial intelligence-driven solutions can provide actionable insights to help your care teams improve treatment quality and efficiency throughout the cardiovascular care pathway. From image acquisition to interpretation, you can use these technologies to streamline, optimize, and standardize care delivery. And as you increasingly turn to digitalize healthcare, we have a comprehensive digital platform of products and services supported by artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning. With them, you can gain new insights into your cardiovascular care pathway—that can support more accurate reading and reporting, faster time to treatment, and greater consistency across your care teams. 

    To truly impact cardiovascular care across your organization, consider a Value Partnership, which can examine your service line and your objectives and provides solutions tailored to your needs. In this performance-oriented relationship, you’ll be able to leverage our medical technology management and digitalization experience to create tangible value for your cardiovascular care pathway. Using our extensive cardiovascular solutions portfolio, we can help you optimize processes, expand capabilities, and advance innovation – to benefit your patients, your clinicians, and your business.

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