ARTIS pheno

A hybrid OR offers substantial advantages—in a complex clinical environment. Maximizing the capabilities of this environment can support a wide range of surgical procedures, improved patient outcomes, and better room utilization. And with an investment of this size, the more you can simplify procedures and expand services, the better. From routine to complex cases across patient types, no other technology can help you effectively meet your hybrid OR goals quite like the ARTIS pheno.

Discover more:

  • Expanded patient access for more flexibility
  • Simplifying complexity across cases, procedures, and staff
  • Engineered to limit infection risk

Features & Benefits

Designed specifically to maximize capabilities and efficiency in the hybrid OR, the robotic ARTIS pheno can be unobtrusively moved into and out of the surgical area. This allows optimal patient access across patient types—from pediatric to bariatric—while providing the access your surgical and anesthesia teams need to make complex interventions easier.



ARTIS pheno offers outstanding image quality across a range of case types. This multidisciplinary imaging capability, combined with the system’s sheer number of patient positions and its seamlessly integrated surgical tables, support a wide range of surgical procedures.

And, the system’s advanced guidance tools mean you can increase accuracy, while saving time to streamline your workflow throughout the day.

Image-guided Surgery

Achieve better accuracy and visualization during imageguided thoracoscopic videoassisted surgery for lung cancer. Plan multiple needle paths with syngo® Needle Guidance with more precise and faster needle localization.



Improve procedural accuracy during fenestrated EVARs with support before, during, and after procedures. Save time during preparation and registration of dataset for fusion imaging. Ensure correct placement with continuous fusion imaging guidance throughout the procedure. And, avoid potential complications with immediate 3D assessments while patient is still on the table with EVAR guidance software.



Optimal implantation leads to fewer complications and may improve survival after TAVR procedures. Achieve better valve positioning withsyngo Aortic Valve Guidancewith intraoperative syngo DynaCT

Spinal Fusion

Achieve spinal fusion procedures with improved visualization and less displacement. With automated support during the procedure, syngo Needle Guidance aids in significantly improving the accuracy of pedicle screw placement to help avoid repositioning. 

Tumor Embolization

Simplified navigation path planning using syngo Embolization Guidance fosters safe and complete tumor embolization. Mark the tumor with an easy, one-click solution—even from the tableside.



Together, these advantages broaden the clinical possibilities of your hybrid OR, enabling more versatility to meet clinical and organizational goals.

With seamless covers, antimicrobial surfaces, sealed tableside modules, and an uninterrupted airflow due to no ceiling-mounted components, the ARTIS pheno makes system cleaning easier, which can reduce the risk of infection and improve safety for patients.

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