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Medicalis Referral ManagementEngage your referral community to further enhance care delivery and build a strategy to extend your referral base reach

Communication is a key

Our referral management solution facilitates consistent, timely, and bidirectional communication with your referral base. Offer a higher value of service to your community with a system that closes the communication loop from initial ordering of imaging exams to result distribution.

Our centralized referral management solution helps you harmonize the referral workflow for your radiology practice even if it is spread across multiple systems and locations.

Digitize your referral management operations and streamline your referrals workflow through key features such as electronic order entry, order status update, sub-specialty customization, and multisite scheduling.


Our centralized scheduling capabilities improve access to the best available resources to better serve your referrers and patients. Easy access and extended reach into the referral community also helps to increase your referral base and your patients and maximizes the use of your expensive imaging resources.

Our computerized physician order entry (CPOE) solution also includes patient assessment and can be seamlessly integrated with our Medicalis Clinical Decision Support system to promote best practice and ensure compliance with local guidelines. Creating the right order, first time.

With the use of our Medicalis Referral Management platform, you can better engage providers, extend your reach into the referral community, and improve healthcare delivery.

Offer one interface for external referring physicians regardless of how many EMRs or RIS systems you have across your imaging network.



  • Informed choice of providers that best fit the patients needs
  • Optimized access to resources
  • Improved patient preparedness

Referring Physician

  • Enhance the quality of referral communication
  • Take work away from providers, let them focus on patients
  • Reduce rework by getting the order right the first time
Health systems

Health Systems

  • Reduce network leakage
  • Reduce waste
  • Comply with local guidelines


  • Enhanced indications communication
  • Embedded locally-defined best practice
  • Peer-to-peer communication

We understand that you have specific challenges and needs. Our experts work with you to design a solution that meets your objectives.

Weill Cornell Whitepaper
  • Improve agility from an administrative perspective
  • Create a positive impact on productivity and best practice
  • Introduce efficient scheduling with a call abandonment rate of ~1%
  • Reduce turnaround time with over 90% of post-procedure reads completed within 90 minutes
  • Provide reliable analytics capabilities for quality improvement projects