MULTIMOBIL 5EA combination of performance and value

The MULTIMOBIL 5E is a value –focused C-arm IITV system suited for all Orthopedic studies and ICU utility. The user friendly memory device and clear image quality make it a very good value-to-feature C-arm system in many operation theatres. It is equipped with a High Frequency X-ray generator with powerful output parameters for Fluoroscopy or Radiography to cater to any type of patients.

  • Remotely controlled memory modules
  • Steering handles for free lateral movement in either direction
  • Automatic dose rate control

Features & Benefits

Key Characteristics

  • Optimum Image Quality using superior CCD / CMOS Camera
  • Low but adequate radiation with Automatic Dose Rate controlling device
  • Equipped with High Frequency Generator suitable for Fluoroscopy and Radiography
  • Full connectivity to computer with memory device
  • TFT monitor that gives undistorted images
  • Thermal Protection
  • Conforms to AERB safety standards

Clinical use

  • Tailored for a large spectrum of clinical applications
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Pain Management