Cios Fit
Fit for the tough job in the OR

Cios Fit, c-arm

Surgery departments are challenged by cost pressure and the need for optimum clinical outcomes. Often supposedly cost-effective equipment compromises in quality and reliability and is inadequate in tough surgery environments.

To optimally support you, we developed Cios Fit, a multidisciplinary mobile c-arm ready for demanding environments. Based on its built-to-last design, it features powerful state-of-the art imaging technology and an innovative touch-and-play concept. Cios Fit can help you improve quality of care, achieve consistent results and efficient workflows, and profit from high uptime to reduce avoidable costs: A system you can rely on – in your demanding OR.


  • Crystal-clear images with premium technology
  • Simplicity in use
  • High uptime with built-to-last design


Features & Benefits

Cios Fit – A system you can rely on – in your demanding OR

Crystal-clear images with premium technology

In the highly evolving landscape, what remains constant is the need to view anatomical structures, fractures and other devices in high resolution to achieve optimal clinical results.

Cios Fit combines high resolution capabilities with optimized right dose and smart power options for crystal clear images. Consistent, best-in-class image quality helps you to clearly view still and moving anatomical structures, implants, screws and devices with the 24’’ LED high resolution display.

Simplicity in use

In busy high-throughput environments, staff is not always entirely familiar with complex medical devices which may lead to consequences like lack of efficiency in daily routine and delays in surgical interventions.

Cios Fit is based on the touch-and-play concept for simplicity in use. Smart usability features like colour-coded axes & brakes, fast boot-up of 40 seconds and more working space allow assisting personnel to operate the system with ease for consistent results and efficient workflows in daily routine. Cios Fit enables flexible data management with seamless image data integration into your institution’s data network.

Positioning of the c-arm is crucial for efficient clinical results, especially in surgeries such as hip or spine. Cios Fit allows up to 37% more space for easier patient positioning and patient access and full flexibility in every axes including 130° orbital movement leading to improved patient experience.

High uptime with built-to-last design

System downtime is a major obstacle in the daily routine with high patient load. Continuous system failures have a strong negative impact on the total cost of ownership and can even impact the financial sustainability and reputation of an institution.

Cios Fit delivers reliable and consistent performance, no matter how intensely it is used. For extra durability, sensitive elements in the system are replaced by a shock resistant SD-card design in an easy to transport slim footprint trolley. The robust, light-weight system also comes with added features like rodent proof design and water proof foot switch. Featuring a lean design, long lifecycle and low maintenance requirements, Cios Fit allows you to handle high patient loads in an intense OR environment and reduce avoidable costs.

Customer Testimonial

Dr. Nanjappa K. M. from Cauvery Uroderm Centre, Kalyan shares his experience.
Click on the image below to watch video.

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