AinaBlood Monitoring System

Redefining Patient Experience
Advanced. Accurate. Digital.

aina, blood monitoring

Aina Blood Monitoring System offers a broad range of tests such as: HbA1c, Glucose, Haemoglobin and lipid profile on a single platform covering immunoassay, enzymatic or chemical affinity. Aina is the world’s first smart phone based diagnostic system—will enable the detection and management of chronic diseases.

The Aina Blood Monitoring System performs a full panel of metabolic tests offering near real-time, lab-quality results within minutes. This is supplemented with Habits, a behavior coaching app that enables personalized disease management to result in improved outcomes.

The Aina Blood Monitoring System is:
• Safe and reliable – manufactured under the highest quality standards in a ISO 13485:2012 certified environment
• Clinically proven – clinically validated at numerous reputed clinical sites across the world
• Proactive and personalized – integrated with a patient-facing disease management platform

Aina is available in two configurations: a smart phone based device and tablet based portable lab system. Aina, when connected to a smart phone, can enable the smartphone to act like a diagnostic testing device enabling results at the point of care.