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Get to know us
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Our purpose: Enabling healthcare providers worldwide

As a global leader in medical technology with around 48,000 employees in 76 countries, we stand with our customers across the world – working together to transform the way things are done in healthcare. 

Are you curious to know what drives our employees at Siemens Healthineers India? Learn what makes Prateek, Lavanya, Ashok, Nivedita and Ashutosh.

Our culture: Passion for healthcare

As engineers, we understand processes. As pioneers, we seek new paths. As people, we put our hearts into healthcare. Our culture is shaped by our Principles of Healthineers. They guide our behavior, embody our values, and allow us to tap into the rich learning capability within our organization.

They also give us a common language and foster our shared culture. By clarifying how everybody in the organization, from the executive team to someone who has just joined, should interact with each other, the Principles enable us to focus our energy on addressing our customers’ needs.

Our people: Making Siemens Healthineers unique

Our success comes from our people – we are 3,100 across 56 locations in India who are passionate about supporting, serving, and inspiring our customers. Our name expresses our unique combination of engineering expertise and the pioneering spirit that our people bring to the healthcare industry every day.

At Siemens Healthineers India, diversity is essential. For us, this means that we embrace and value different viewpoints, backgrounds, experiences, expertise, and individual qualities at all levels of the company.


Your Role: Shaping the future of healthcare in a unique global team

Our people make us unique as an employer in the medtech industry. And we want to empower each and every individual to thrive. We offer you a flexible and dynamic environment with the space to go beyond your comfort zone to grow both personally and professionally.