Intelligent imaging in radiology

Intelligent Imaging in Radiology

Enriching imaging systems with data-driven solutions

Medical imaging innovations help to advance modern medicine and to consistently provide better patient care. This leads on the one hand to more system features and possibilities, on the other hand it can make operating modalities more complex. Combined with an ever-increasing number of exams and the shortage of highly qualified operators, it is clear that we need to empower radiology by making modalities more intelligent. We do so by making image acquisition more effective and efficient to support users and radiologists with actionable insights and data-driven decisions.

Intelligent imaging in radiology is here to assist you

Healthcare professional with ipad talking to another person in front of a digital layer of different types of healthcare data

The basis for many medical decisions is precise and high-quality imaging data. Intelligent medical imaging supports you in this first step, helping you generate accurate and faster image acquisition. By helping to utilize the full potential of the systems, you can create actionable insights for every patient. The possibilities of digitalization help users efficiently achieve reproducible results – by guiding operators of any experience level through imaging procedures, so that they can interact easily and naturally with both patient and technology.

This has been made possible, for example, by launching a new era of intelligent imaging with myExam Companion that is working with you to efficiently operate modalities and provide better outcomes and increased efficiency.

myExam Companion - Intelligence that works with you

myExam Companion

myExam Companion introduces a new philosophy to operate modalities. It guides operators through diagnostic procedures, so that they can interact easily and naturally with both patient and technology. No matter the user, patient or throughput, it helps generate consistent and comprehensive results.

myExam Companion uses clinical language and visuals that are easy to follow. This simplifies operation, even or unfamiliar medical imaging modalities. To improve efficiency and consistency, it optimizes acquisition and reconstruction parameters for the individual patient and procedure. This helps generate the comprehensive information radiologists need.

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