SPECT Advanced Workflow Building course 2021

Advanced SPECT Workflow Building

About the course

This three-day course covers:

Learn how to configure automated workflows to perform advanced processing operations, including parathyroid subtraction, lung ventilation-perfusion quotient images, lung aerosol subtraction from perfusion images, SeHCAT analysis, simulate scans with reduced counts which can be used for protocol optimisation, and optimise clinical workflows.


User Level: Advanced 

This three-day course is a supplementary course for participants of the Basic SPECT Workflow Building. The course is intended for doctors, physicists, radiographers, technologists, nurses and other health professionals working with Siemens SPECT or SPECT/CT systems

Practical Information



The price to attend the course is 600 EUR ex. VAT


  • Natalie Bebbington (Physicist and applications specialist in Molecular Imaging) 
  • Rikke Bonaparte (Technologist and applications specialist in Molecular Imaging)


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