multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Multitom RaxMove beyond traditional X-ray

With traditional X-ray, complex radiographic examinations are often challenging or cumbersome, especially in musculoskeletal or trauma cases.

With Multitom Rax we offer a high-performance system that excels in such examinations helping you expand precision medicine. Its Robotic Advanced X-ray technology (RAX) supports you in daily clinical routine and beyond and sets new standards in musculoskeletal and trauma imaging.

Features og Fordele

multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

In advanced musculoskeletal imaging, a high degree of precision, accurate positioning, and wide anatomical coverage are needed.

Multitom Rax offers unparalleled precision and flexibility in positioning, allowing projections from all angles and unique automated workflows that make musculoskeletal insights feasible in clinical routine. And all that while saving dose.

multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Advanced musculoskeletal imaging requires time-consuming patient and system positioning. Multitom Rax precisely positions and aligns itself, reducing the need for unnatural patient positioning – even in challenging situations like trauma cases. It supports staff and offers barrier-free 360° patient access. For fast, efficient, and productive workflows revolving around your patients.

multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Advanced musculoskeletal imaging calls for more than just radiography. Starting with precision radiography, Multitom Rax also allows 3D bone imaging1 as well as fluoroscopic1 and interventional imaging1. This way, it enables comprehensive diagnosis and can provide the basis for treatment planning – all in a single room on a single system.

multulosceletal (MSK) imaging scannner Multitom Rax

Multitom Rax is the world´s first scanner in the new category of Twin Robotic X-ray.
Its technological advantages facilitate your daily routine, open up new clinical possibilities - and make the system fun to work with.

Fleet Level Benefits

High complexity in diagnostic imaging makes it challenging to run the radiology department efficiently. Siemens Healthineers helps you to reduce complexity by offering specific solutions across the entire X-ray portfolio which let you standardize, analyze and secure the imaging fleet. In this way, you can gain valuable Fleet Level Benefits: consistency, transparency and confidence. This results in improved outcomes, increased efficiency and greater staff and patient satisfaction.

  • Standardize for consistency
  • Analyze for transparency
  • Secure for confidence

Klinisk brug

To make fast and confident decisions in musculoskeletal or trauma cases, you need high image quality. Our scanner offers you multiple advanced X-ray imaging technologies.
Multitom rax

Tekniske specifikationer

Patient table


Table height

50 cm to 92 cm; total vertical travel range 42 cm (tabletop)

Tabletop material

Carbon fiber

Max. patient weight

240 kg

Max. patient coverage

Approx. 190cm without patient repositioning



X-ray generators


X-ray generator

65 kW


Option: 80 kW



X-ray tube


Anode heat storage capacity

580,000 J (820,000 HU)



RAX detector


Input fields

(active area)

Full formatZoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
42.0 cm x 42.5 cm30 cm x 30 cm22 cm x 22 cm15 cm x 15 cm


a-Si with CsI scintillator



Accessories / Options


MAX wi-D

 35 cm x 43 cm x 1.9 cm (14” x 17” x 0.7”); 3 kg (6.6 lbs)


Cesium iodide scintillator

MAX Mini

24 cm x 30 cm x 1.6 cm (10” x 12” x 0.6”); 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)


 Cesium iodide scintillator