Avanto Fit

MAGNETOM Avanto Fit1

Upgrade your MAGNETOM Avanto to MAGNETOM Avanto Fit with BioMatrix technology

As you know MRI plays an increasingly important role in many clinical fields. Are you still able to meet the demands with your current MAGNETOM Avanto? Discover how you can stay fit for the future. 

With an upgrade of your MAGNETOM Avanto to MAGNETOM Avanto Fit1 with BioMatrix Technology, you can master the challenges facing MRI today, helping you to expand your services and make the most of your initial investment.

Features og Fordele

More robust and consistent results for your patients

Improved diagnostic quality

Increase your productivity

Capitalize on your initial investment

    Tekniske detaljer

    MAGNETOM Avanto

    MAGNETOM Avanto Fit1,

    A BioMatrix System

    Field strength

    1.5 Tesla

    1.5 Tesla

    Bore size

    60 cm Open Bore design

    60 cm Open Bore design

    System length

    160 cm

    160 cm

    Helium consumption

    Zero Helium boil-off technology

    Zero Helium boil-off technology

    Gradient strength

    Q Gradients 33/125 or

    SQ Gradients 45/200

    SQ Gradients 45/200

    Maximum number of channels

    Tim [32x8], [76x18], [76x32]

    Tim 4G [204x48] high-channel configuration

    Patient Table

    Fixed Table with removable Table Top

    New BioMatrix Table: fix or mobile or eDrive

    BioMatrix Technology

    Without BioMatrix technology

    BioMatrix Sensors: Respiratory Sensor, Beat Sensor
    BioMatrix Tuners: SliceAdjust TSE and DWI 
    BioMatrix Interfaces: 2x Select&GO, eDrive


    syngo MR B or D line

    New syngo MR XA software (Win10)

    See how the upgrade is working. 

    General Requirements

    • MAGNETOM Avanto

    • MAGNETOM Avanto eco

    • MAGNETOM Avanto Dot