Cinematic Anatomy

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Source: CR of dataset from The Cancer Imaging Archive.

Cinematic Anatomy is an immersive application designed to transform anatomy education at medical universities, schools and hospitals. 

Based on the patented Cinematic Rendering algorithm real patient data (CT/MR DICOM) is visualized in a three-dimensionally photorealistic view enabling to easily understand the spatial characteristics of anatomical structures and pathologies.

The user can explore the diversity and complexity of human anatomy on a PC, with Stereoview 3D Glasses or in Virtual/Augmented reality set ups.


    Use cases

    Cinematic Anatomy helps to address your needs


    university teacher

    Today´s Challenges in anatomy education:

    • Limited options for teaching anatomical structures due traditional teacher-centered lecture format and standardized models and plane illustrations
    • Difficult representation of spatial complexity due to 2D visualization
    • Lack of real patient cases

    Cinematic Anatomy helps students to

    • Better and faster understand anatomical structures and spatial characteristics through photorealistic 3D visualization
    • Combine knowledge from 2D anatomy books with 3D visualization
    • Understand the diverse and complex individual anatomy, anatomical variations, pathology, and age-related degeneration
    • Reduce dependency on body donations while decreasing the cost of cadaver courses, models and illustrative materials
    • Enhance your institution's reputation and its attractiveness to students   


    Today´s Challenges for Physicians & Scientists:

    • Need for training and education on complex anatomical problems and visualization of their spatial relations
    • Limited option for sufficient interdisciplinary exchange across departmental boundaries
    • Lack of innovative technology for academic use at conferences

    Cinematic Anatomy helps you to 

    • Sustain patient loyalty while increasing patient satisfaction with improved visualization of complex anatomical problems
    • Enhance training of resident physicians with CR for better understanding of spatial relations
    • Enhance workforce productivity while reducing time with improved interdisciplinary communication among physicians and patients.
    • Provide accurate spatial visualization of research results and ease of sharing contents and images with peers
    • Enhance your reputation as cutting-edge institution 
    Sience Center

    Today´s Challenges for Science Centers:

    • Need to target a new generation of audiences.
    • Lack of economical support that lead to more economic ownership and innovation
    • Increase of audience and making themselves 'more relevant' for the community

    Cinematic Anatomy helps you to 

    • Improve visual presentation with a flexible setup for new subject areas. 
    • Open up new content fields with the possibility to explain medical content in an easy way and attract your institutions for a new audience 
    • Enhance your institution´s reputation and differentiate from competitors

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    The project "Virtual Anatomy" by the Ars Electronica Futurelab in cooperation with Siemens Healthineers and the JKU Linz has been awarded at the E&T Innovation Awards 2022 for "Best Emerging Technology of the Year". Additionally the team achieved a silver medal in the category "Most innovative solution in digital health and social care"

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