Tim UpgradeUpgrade your system to the standard in MRI.

Tim (Total imaging matrix) integrated coil technology changed MRI forever. With excellent image quality and fast acquisition speed, the proven technology is now in nearly 8,000 installations. Whole-body coverage means no repositioning for multiples exams and more exams per day.

Your benefits:

  • Exceptional image quality
  • Faster acquisition and exam time
  • Higher SNR


  • Select exams, not coils
  • Up to 76 matrix coil elements and 32 RF channels
  • Head-to-toe imaging without patient repositioning



  • Local and total whole-body imaging, while maintaining a high SNR
  • Excellent image quality with high coil density
  • Seamlessly scan up to 205 cm with excellent image quality



  • Utilize parallel imaging (iPAT) in all directions
  • High acquisition speed, high resolution
  • Shorter examination times allow increased throughput


Upgradeability. With MAGNETOM.


  • MAGNETOM Sonata
  • MAGNETOM Symphony