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Welcome to the forefront of innovation in cardiology, where Computed Tomography emerges as a pivotal tool in the battle against cardiovascular diseases, which are responsible for almost one-third of global deaths1. At the heart of diagnostic imaging, CT plays a significant role in addressing the complexities of cardiac cases, from early detection and diagnostic support to personalized therapy and follow-up. 

In the dynamic realm of cardiology, where accuracy and speed are paramount, Siemens Healthineers delivers one-of-a-kind imaging solutions. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions from precise anatomical imaging to functional assessments, our CT systems support cardiologists to make informed decisions with confidence. 

As pioneers in cardiac CT solutions, we invite you to explore state-of-the-art technologies and witness firsthand how our solutions are shaping the future of cardiology.

Cardiac CT made easy with innovative technologies

White papers 


CT NAEOTOM Alpha Cardiac Whitepaper Preview no background

Reaching more cardiovascular patients with photon-counting CT 

NAEOTOM Alpha with Quantum Technology®, our revolutionary photon-counting CT, delivers Quantum HD Cardiac images with 0.2 mm slice thickness. This breakthrough technology not only visualizes previously undetectable details in the heart but does so without dose penalty. Dive deeper into the benefits of photon-counting technology for cardiac CT by downloading our white paper, a comprehensive insight to this quantum leap in cardiac imaging.

CT ZeeFree Cardiac Whitepaper Preview

Optimal Cardiac CT imaging with ZeeFree

Explore further in this white paper how the novel reconstruction feature enables optimal cardiac imaging independent of the detector width.

CT FAST Bolus Cardiac Whitepaper Preview

What is FAST Bolus? 

FAST Bolus delivers personalized scan timing for aortic CT angiographies by taking into account the CT settings, the injection protocol, and the patient's physiological characteristics during scanning. This optimized scan timing leads to increased contrast enhancement, optimized use of contrast media and potentially fewer non-diagnostic scans. This white paper describes the clinical background and challenges of contrast-enhanced scans, explain how FAST Bolus works, and discusses the clinical proofs, and several clinical cases.

CT Temporal Resolution Cardiac Whitepaper Preview

When real temporal resolution matters

High native temporal resolution is a fundamental image quality parameter of cardiac CT. Only with a high temporal resolution is it possible to resolve fast-moving objects (e.g., the heart). Explore why real temporal resolution matters in this white paper.

Customer voices


Improved evaluation of the most challenging cardiac cases with NAEOTOM Alpha

Professor Pál Maurovich-Horvat, MD, Head of Medical Imaging Center and chairman of Radiology at Semmelweis University, Hungary, is always striving to utilize cutting-edge technology. Hear from him how the remarkable images from NAEOTOM Alpha with Quantum Technology have improved his ability to evaluate even the most challenging cardiac cases.

Dual Source CT: 
Individualized patient care with SOMATOM Pro.Pulse

Clinical indications for cardiac CT are evolving rapidly. In this dynamic landscape, Dual Source technology delivers the flexibility in individualized cardiac acquisition – from systolic imaging to full functional assessment at low dose. Step into the early clinical experiences with SOMATOM Pro.Pulse, our latest Dual Source CT, through the eyes of Stephan Schulz, MD, Head of Radiology at Radiologische Allianz, Hamburg, Germany. 

Capturing heartbeat and rhythm with SOMATOM go.Top

Coronary artery disease is a major cause of mortality. Recent guidelines recommend cardiac CT as frontline testing for coronary artery disease. Gain insights from Alexandros Kallifatidis, MD,  radiologist at St. Luke’s Hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece, as he explains his approach to assessing patients by capturing heartbeat and rhythm for accurate diagnoses.

Intelligent cardiac CT with SOMATOM X.ceed and myExam Companion 

Find out how SOMATOM X.ceed with myExam Companion supports Peter Brader, MD, and his team in the growing market of cardiac CT imaging.

Deep dives

SOMATOM Pro.Pulse in cardiology - Cardiac CT scan in arrhythmic patient with ZeeFree reconstruction

Find out how SOMATOM Pro.Pulse performs in cardiovascular imaging by looking at this clinical case collection.

Professor Pál Maurovich-Horvat, MD, Head of Medical Imaging Center and chairman of Radiology at Semmelweis University, Hungary, shares insights on eliminating obstacles with NAEOTOM Alpha posed by stents and high calcium score in Cardiac CT imaging. See how this technology redefined CT imaging, promising improved diagnostics and patient care outcomes.