Standardized and integrated solutions from Siemens Healthineers

Achieve standardized results with integrated hemostasis solutionsWhy Siemens Healthineers should be your coagulation partner of choice. 

We offer comprehensive solutions that integrate hemostasis testing with lab automation, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and standardization, available to laboratories worldwide. 

Integrated solutions

CN Systems connected to automation track
Automate hemostasis testing with Aptio® Automation.

Connect hemostasis testing to a lab automation track to make specialty testing available 24/7, decrease turnaround time, and reduce hands-on time by several hours a day.1  

Whether automating tasks such as centrifugation and decapping, or streamlining management of workflows that require sample mixing or proportional aliquoting, you can trust in our expertise to design and implement optimized, automated workflow. Our highly-flexible track configurations can be scaled and customized with automation modules and single- or multidisciplinary analyzers to meet your lab’s needs.

Standardized operations

Siemens Healthineers CN series systems
Mid- and high-volume hemostasis testing: CN-3000 and CN-6000 Systems2 from Siemens Healthineers

Increase workforce productivity with standardized, high-performing solutions across your lab or lab network. 

For lab networks with multiple locations and hemostasis analyzers, we can help you produce standardized results across sites with excellent result correlation across CN-3000 and CN-6000 Systems,2 CS-2500 and CS-5100 Systems, and CA-600 Series Systems. Intuitive operations across systems paired with high-performance analyzers help you increase overall productivity and deliver results on time.

Dr. Bedini

"The CN-6000 System has improved our workflow and enabled us to deliver results faster. Since sample analysis ends once the clot is formed, we can obtain results faster. Other hemostasis systems continue analysis for 180 seconds regardless of the clot formation."  Dr. José Luis Bedini, Head of the Core Lab Operative Area, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain

Operational control 

Atellica® Data Manager real time dashboard
Atellica® Data Manager helps standardize testing and streamline result management across your diagnostics network.

Streamline data management, standardize testing, and optimize processes in real time.

Atellica® Diagnostics IT solutions are highly scalable and can support multidisciplinary, third-party instruments across the lab, so you can centralize visibility and enhance control of your hemostasis instruments, whether hemostasis is stand-alone or part of an Aptio® Automation or FlexLab track. Flexible, scalable automation and IT solutions help enhance hemostasis testing throughput and enable easy menu expansion without compromising on quality.

Dr. Perez

"We've instituted a number of advanced workflow rules that streamline production and help avoid errors." Dr. Junia Pérez, Production Executive Manager, the Pardini Group, Brazil 

Local expertise 

Title: Case study - Tomorrow's Northern Dream
Success story: Tomorrow's Northern Dream

Rely on experienced local experts who understand the needs of your lab.

Trusted partnerships are built on people. Leading laboratories around the world, such as Clinic de Barcelona and Lab Alliance of Central New York, vouch that there is no team more capable and committed than ours. We’re determined to provide you with a high-quality, competitive portfolio of hemostasis testing solutions, globally supported by local hemostasis experts. They understand your need for standardized solutions, streamlined workflows, and consistent results.   

Read why one of the largest laboratory networks in Northern Europe recently decided to continue its partnership with Siemens Healthineers.

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