MAMMOMAT Revelation
See the difference. Make the difference.

Unique 50° wide-angle tomosynthesis
Unique 50° wide-angle tomosynthesis

MAMMOMAT Revelation provides the highest depth resolution2 on the market.

MAMMOMAT Revelation

See the difference with MAMMOMAT Revelation and make the difference in your patients' lives.

MAMMOMAT Revelation with integrated specimen tool
HD Breast Biopsy1 with InSpect1

Get your specimen scan within just 20 seconds right on the mammography system.

Single-Touch button
One-click philosophy

MAMMOMAT Revelation allows you to focus on your patients instead of the system – thanks to our one-click philosophy.

MAMMOMAT Revelation with SoftComp Paddles
SoftComp Paddles1

Greater patient comfort and easier positioning thanks to soft edges and breast-optimized shape.

Easy positioning with MAMMOMAT Revelation
Personalized Soft Compression1

Only apply as much compression to your patients as needed to get optimal imaging results.

Calming MoodLight in different colors

Create a relaxing atmosphere for your patients with our unique, calming MoodLight.1

Insight Breast Density
Insight Breast Density1

Benefit from instant risk stratification right at the acquisition workstation with 100% objective, volumetric breast density assessment – for FFDM and tomosynthesis.

clinical case TiCEM
Expand your diagnostic insights with TiCEM1

Big round indistinct lesion, suspicious for abscess.
Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock, Dortmund, Germany

clinical case TiCEM
Expand your diagnostic insights with TiCEM1

BIRADS 5b, Ductal-invasive carcinoma.
Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock, Dortmund, Germany

In breast care, seeing the difference can make the difference in a woman’s life. Reveal all that matters with MAMMOMAT Revelation. Achieve the highest depth resolution with the unique 50° HD Breast Tomosynthesis. Leverage precision patient care with Insight BD direct breast density measurement, which allows instant risk stratification – before the patient leaves. And with our Personalized Soft Compression you can address your patient's concerns about discomfort in a unique way.

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MAMMOMAT Revelation is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.