Sistema PRISCA Ayude a los médicos a tomar decisiones más informadas sobre el riesgo prenatal.

An advanced prenatal risk calculation system, PRISCA* uses biochemical markers, ultrasound measurements, and demographics to accurately calculate risk and deliver detailed reports. The optional Shared Database provides assessment of PRISCA medians. Optional software, PRISCAConnect, links PRISCA to LIS so patient data can be easily accessed. PRISCA:

  • Supports numerous algorithms, protocols, and risk calculations for first and second trimester screening
  • Calculates chromosomal and neural tube defect risks based on age-related, biochemical, and sonographic information
  • Leverages the PRISCA Shared Database option to provide statistical quality assurance and identify the most appropriate data for comparison
  • Offers security via multiple user levels and backup and archive functions
  • Automates risk calculations, reduces manual entry, and enhances patient safety by downloading data directly from LIS
  • Includes flexible reporting options, allowing doctors to select reports per individual needs