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Healthcare providers are finding ways to reshape care pathways while driving down long-term asset costs. Biograph™ Horizon PET/CT helps you offset these expenses, expands your clinical capabilities, and simplifies your operations. Biograph Horizon’s digital detectors leverage small 4 x 4-mm LSO crystal elements to deliver high-resolution images and provide true time of flight (TOF) to improve lesion detectability and anatomical detail. With AIDAN, our intelligent imaging platform for PET/CT, Biograph Horizon better supports clinical routines with an enhanced patient and user experience and a fast, reproducible workflow—letting you bring a higher standard of care to more patients.

Características y Beneficios

Innovative technology for better care

Expand your options with the advances and efficiencies of Biograph Horizon. With technologies that set the standard in PET/CT, Biograph Horizon offers you premium performance at an attractive level of investment. Bring high-quality care to more patients and address a wide variety of clinical indications with increased flexibility. Intelligent imaging capabilities streamline scans, saving you time while offering reproducibility and standardization for advanced results.

Biograph Horizon PET/CT

Technology that elevates performance

Biograph Horizon gives you PET/CT imaging with high 78-mm3 volumetric resolution1 due to the small 4 x 4-mm LSO crystal elements, and the ability to offer true time of flight (TOF) for performance and clinical advantages. Dedicated CT solutions, previously available only on stand-alone systems, provide high-quality imaging at lower doses.

Biograph Horizon PET/CT Ped Patient

Performance that creates opportunity​

Address a broader range of oncology, neurology, and cardiac indications using all commercially available PET tracers and unique features that elevate image quality, standardization, and clinical insights. From fast, low-dose PET/CT imaging to whole-body dynamic studies, Biograph Horizon is designed to support your clinical needs and research interests. Plus, the opportunity to incorporate advanced CT technology allows you to expand your diagnostic capabilities.

Biograph Horizon PET/CT workstation

Opportunity that advances your results​

Better support clinical routines with an enhanced patient and user experience. Achieve enhanced results with the flexibility for higher throughput while delivering personalized care. Biograph Horizon offers intuitive imaging solutions powered by artificial intelligence for a fast and reproducible workflow.

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Siemens Healthineers Biograph HorizonDigital LSO-based detectorsWhole-body dynamic imaging

True time of flight

CT capability

AIDAN Platform

PET capability

    Uso Clínico

    [a] Please see Indications and Important Safety Information for Fludeoxyglucose F18 (18F FDG) Injection and full Prescribing Information.

    Especificaciones Técnicas



    Bore diameter

    70 cm

    Tunnel length

    130 cm

    Table capacity

    227 kg (500 lb)



    Generator power

    55 kW

    Rotation times

    0.48,3 0.6, 1.0, 1.5 s

    Tube voltages

    80, 110, 130 kV

    Iterative reconstruction


    Metal artifact reduction



    16, 32 (32 slice available with optional IVR (Interleaved Volume Reconstruction))



    Axial field of view

    16.4, 22.13 cm

    Crystal size

    4 x 4 x 20 mm

    True time of flight

    Confidence window

    4.1 ns

    Effective sensitivity

    14.9, 26.53cps/kBq

    Effective peak NEC rate

    224, 3363 kcps ≤26 kBq/cc

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