Dimension Vista Intelligent Lab Systems - CSA/CSAE Assays

Dimension Vista® Intelligent Lab Systems

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is the only company to offer a no manual pretreatment cyclosporine assay for enhanced productivity in ISD testing.

The need to maintain consistent drug levels in order to prevent organ rejection means cyclosporine monitoring is required around the clock. With the Dimension Vista® systems’ CSA and CSAE assays, laboratories can confidently perform CSA testing any time, day or night.


  • No manual sample pretreatment required
  • Fully automated, onboard sample pretreatment
  • Results in as little as 15 minutes
  • Limited cross-reactivity to CsA metabolites – highly specific to the CsA parent compound
  • Extended assay range (CSAE) for effective C2 monitoring



  • Minimal sample handling reduces risk for error
  • Perform CSA testing any time of the day or night – no need for batch testing
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced labor costs


Dimension Vista Systems CSA Assay

Dimension Vista Systems CSAE Assay

Product Code



Sample Type

EDTA Whole Blood

EDTA Whole Blood


Fully automated, onboard

Fully automated, onboard

Reportable Range

25-500 ng/mL

350-2000 ng/mL

Calibration Stability

30 days or with new reagent lot

30 days or with new reagent lot

Onboard Stability

Closed, onboard: 30 days
Open well: 3 days

Closed, onboard: 30 days
Open well: 3 days

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