Structural Heart Disease

Enable imaging for all patients

To accurately diagnose, plan, and treat structural heart diseases, you need to clearly see the patient’s heart anatomy and therapy device. Explore how you can personalize cardiovascular care and choose the optimal imaging modality for each specific case and patient.

  • Tools for precise diagnostic assessments
  • Flexibility to use the optimal imaging modality for a specific procedure, therapy device, and patient

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Importance of diagnostic imaging and planning to the success of structural heart disease
Watch this online webinar and learn more about the importance of good CT image quality and the essential criteria for accurate and reliable planning for different structural heart procedures, e.g., TAVI, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, and LAAC. You will also discover the importance of collaboration between imaging experts and interventional cardiologist and find out the future of preprocedural planning and intraoperational guidance. The online webinar is hosted in cooperation with Pie Medical Imaging. 

Experience the latest technologies of our structural heart product portfolio 

syngo TrueFusion - Integrated efficiency in TEE guidance

ARTIS icono 

ARTIS icono - an icon of innovation - is designed to 

  • reduce the complexity of structural heart procedures;
  • enable you to optimize clinical operations and facilitate automated image-guided therapy positions with ceiling-like flexibility, as well as visualize intraprocedural 3D images and flow information.
syngo TrueFusion - Integrated efficiency in TEE guidance

syngo TrueFusion

With syngo TrueFusion, functional landmarks and a live B-mode and color Doppler image can be easily overlaid on live fluoroscopy in order to

  • display relevant anatomical information and devices in one view;
  • mark important region of interest (e.g. transseptal puncture) for more accurate intraoperative guidance.
syngo Aortic Valve Guidance

syngo Aortic Valve Guidance 

Automated workflow and enhanced accuracy for aortic valve procedures to

  • perform valve implantations the most convenient way;
  • dispose fast and precise 3D information on the aortic root anatomy – making it an excellent basis for valve implantation planning.
syngo DynaCT Cardiac from Siemens Healthineers

syngo DynaCT Cardiac

syngo DynaCT Cardiac is especially beneficial for complex cardiac interventions, because

  • it enables CT-like imaging of the heart with angiography during the procedure;
  • it permits visualization of cardiac structures such as the aortic root, the left atrium and LAA or pulmonary veins in 3D, in the cath lab.

Frequently Asked Questions   

There is potential to save contrast and fluoro time and to navigate with improved anatomical orientation according to the white paper "syngo TrueFusion in LAAC" by Professor Ebelt, MD, from the Catholic Hospital 'St Johann Nepomuk', Erfurt, Germany. Please find the white paper below on this page.

ARTIS icono provides you with:

  • intraprocedural 3D visualizations and flow information
  • real-time multimodality data integration and visualization 
  • dedicated workflow support tools to facilitate automated image-guided therapy

For more information, please visit our ARTIS icono website.

Siemens Healthineers supports you with effective imaging at every step of the care pathway. We provide a full suite of multimodality imaging systems and image-guided clinical applications – enabling you to achieve excellent patient outcomes for everyone and every case. We offer a multimodality portfolio consisting of angio, ultrasound, CT and MR imaging and therapy systems, as well lab tests and point-of-care diagnostics. You can also benefit from automated therapy guidance, such as syngo Aortic Valve Guidance or syngo TrueFusion.

Yes, Siemens Healthineers offers easy preoperative sizing and planning with 3mensio for a quick and accurate CT-based assessment for structural heart interventions.  Planning results from 3mensio can be fused with live fluoroscopy for guidance. The application can be opened directly in syngo.via or on a separate laptop or PC. 

The latest functionality of syngo TrueFusion includes fusion of live ultrasound B-mode and color Doppler images onto fluoroscopy, which enhances fluoroscopy by providing additional anatomical information from echocardiography.

We offer the following Clinical Software Applications for structural heart procedures: syngo Aortic Valve Guidance, syngo 2D/3D Fusion, syngo TrueFusion, and syngo DynaCT Cardiac

All Artis angiography systems are suitable for stuctural heart interventions – which one in particular would depend on your clinical mix, your budget, and also your cath lab size and installation conditions. To find the perfect match for you, you can use our product finder on our Artis floor website.

Yes, you can watch the latest webinar on SHD-related topics on our CVC Webinar Series.
Please also stay tuned for new upcoming webinars on SHD-related topics.