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Some arrhythmia patients have multiple ablation targets and require a repeat intervention. Find out how you can personalize cardiovascular care and enhance precision with innovative solutions for image-based navigation during procedures.

  • High-resolution diagnostic imaging gives you anatomical details you need
  • Smooth integration of third-party mapping systems for advanced guidance in real time
  • Ultra-low dose1 imaging 

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ARTIS icono floor from Siemens Healthineers turn innovation into common practice.

ARTIS icono
An icon of innovation

Turn innovation into common practice with

  • excellent coverage with a small footprint;
  • improved ease of use;
  • OPTIQ – supports ultra-low dose imaging in arrhythmias 
Magnetom Sola Cardiovascular Edition

Cardiovascular Edtion 

MAGNETOM Sola Cardiovascular Edition automatically adjusts to patient biovariability to overcome unwarranted variations in cardiac MRI examinations with

  • free breathing exams with Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine;
  • tissue characterization with MyoMaps and HeartFreeze;
  • fast, consistent results with BioMatrix Beat Sensor and myExam Cardiac Assist.
NAEOTOM Alpha allows spectral imaging for cardiac scans

with Quantum Technology 

NAEOTOM Alpha® provides an impressive level of detail at full dose efficiency to

  • offer high resolution at low dose in all standard CT angiography protocols;
  • see small details in coronary CTA;
  • visualize anatomical details for evaluating fine structures.

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syngo 2D/3D Fusion from Siemens Healthineers

syngo 2D/3D Fusion to support real-time guidance

Courtesy of Humaitas Mater Domini, Castellanza, Italy

syngo 3D Roadmap from Siemens Healthineers

syngo 3D Roadmap showing segmented left atrium and aorta

Courtesy of Humaitas Mater Domini, Castellanza, Italy

Arrhythmias therapy with ultra-low dose program

Image guidance in arrhythmia therapy with ultra-low dose program

Courtesy of Heart Center Dresden, Germany

Frequently Asked Questions  

We offer angiography solutions to suit a range of individual requirements, delivering cost-effective equipment from the very latest in imaging technology to competitively priced refurbished systems. 
Many angiography machines, such as our state-of-the-art ARTIS icono, are available as floor-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and biplane configurations to serve a broad range of clinical requirements, as well as room sizes and installation needs. Artis floor-mounted systems are a perfect fit, even for small spaces. When implementing a ceiling system, a cardiac cath lab usually requires about 45 sqm of space, a certain room height, and a reinforced ceiling. All our Artis floor angiography systems fit into cath labs as small as 25 sqm – hassle-free. 

For further information on which angiography machine best suits your individual needs, call your sales team for a consultation or contact your local sales representative.

Siemens Healthineers supplies angiography systems equipped with dedicated organ programs according to the clinical purpose for which they were ordered, e.g., with dedicated ultra-low dose settings for arrhythmias.

Our philosophy is to deliver better care in support of radiation dose reduction. We have been developing features to reduce radiation exposure since 1994 – for your patients, as well as you and your staff with no extra costs.

syngo Electrophysiology Guidance optimizes your workflow by integrating preprocedural cardiac CT/MR images or intraprocedural  images into your daily routine. While performing ablations, syngo Electrophysiology Guidance provides images for planning, therapy, and follow-up of AFib ablation procedures. With syngo DynaCT Cardiac, you can create CT-like images of the heart in your cath lab using rotational angiography. The 3D image of the left atrium is automatically obtained by 3D reconstruction and is available for assessment in the lab within a couple of seconds after image acquisition.

Please find more information regarding our cardiac MR and cardiac CT scanners or 3D guidance options, e.g., additional tools for procedure planning, overlaying 3D onto 2D, and fusing 3D volumes from other modalities are available as well to support your clinical workflow according to your needs.

Yes, the Sensis Vibe Combo system, available with up to 96 intracardiac electrode inputs, a seamless integration of the amplifier in the Artis table base, and integrated vital signs measurement. Dedicated  tools simplify navigation and support the intuitive control of the system – e.g., a Holter functionality or CaseLog functionality. Overall, Sensis Vibe is the central node to interface with stimulators, ablators, and of course with our Artis angio system. For more information, please visit our Sensis Vibe website.

Sensis Vibe is a scalable recording solution. Your representative from Siemens Healthineers supports you in expanding your existing Sensis Vibe system into an extended Sensis Combo system with hemodynamic and electrophysiology applications. Please contact your Siemens Healthineers sales representative.

Preprocedural imaging analysis based on CT or MR data can help to identify unexpected findings before the intervention and segmented 3D volumes of the target anatomy overlayed to live fluoroscopy, in particular, might help to guide the therapy, e.g., in treatment of VT. 

In our CVC Webinar Seriesyou will find some clinical examples and recommendations by leading experts performing preprocedural imaging in EP.

In April 2017, we opened the doors to our flagship Experience Center; approx. 13,000 sq. ft exhibition space showcasing over 50 products from Siemens Healthineers and allowing visitors to experience firsthand the solutions on offer. Beyond our Experience Center, our showrooms are available in multiple countries, showcasing the specific portfolio we provide in that region.

For further information and to book a demo (virtual or in person) of our angiography machines or other solutions, please contact our sales team.