Cios Alpha

Cios AlphaPerfect balance. Uncompromised.

In image-guided surgery, image quality and dose often come at the expense of one another. Dose reduction often means lower image quality – while higher dose can mean potential health risks for patients, surgeons, and staff.

Cios Alpha® is a high‐definition 2D mobile C‐arm designed to give surgeons certainty in these matters. Thanks to Retina technology for optimal images, CARE technologies for the right dose in each case, and intelligent power management, it delivers the perfect balance between image quality and dose.

Cutting-edge mobile imaging for exceptionally small details at the right dose.
  • Excellent images, right dose
  • Easy handling, smooth workflow
  • Extended capabilities, smart growth

Özellikler ve Faydalar

Cios Alpha® delivers more than the perfect balance between image quality and dose. With it, you also profit from ease‐of‐use, less distractions in workflows, and optimal utilization of your equipment. Learn how Cios Alpha helps you safeguard excellent image quality at the right dose for all patients, fully focus on your procedures, and grow into more profitable procedures.

Advanced Therapies - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Alpha - Easy Handling

Cios Alpha comes with Retina and CARE technologies to safeguard excellent image quality at the right dose for all patients. For each individual case, Cios Alpha puts you in control of the level of detail to see what you need to see – and to rest assured that image quality does not necessarily come at the expense of higher dose.

See the details you need: Retina technology

  • Optimally transforms X-rays into outstanding images
  • See exceptionally small details – regardless of clinical application, patient size, or length of surgery
  • New Retina Imaging Chain with integrated Retina FD (CMOS) technology

The right dose in each individual case: CARE

  • Reducing dose is as easy and simple as possible
  • Protect your patients and your team
  • Featuring dedicated exam sets, dose buttons, smart collimation, or laser light localizer1

The extra boost when you need it: Power

  • Handle complex vascular and cardiac cases
  • Profit from intelligent power management, an Energy Storage Unit (ESU)1, and active cooling1
  • Cios Alpha stays cool and powerful where other systems would overheat


Advanced Therapies - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Alpha - Easy handling

Cios Alpha is designed for ease of use and less distractions in workflows. Its straightforward system and software design reduces the hassle around the equipment – and allows you to fully focus on what you need to do.

Concentrate on the patient not the equipment: Ease of use

  • Save valuable time and improve efficiency in your clinical workflow
  • Reduce the need to instruct staff during surgery
  • Reduce the time to find and hold the right positions
  • Includes single-touch positioning1, motorization package1, electromagnetic brakes, and touch user interface

Maintain the highest infection control standards

  • Anti-microbial surface and washable mouse1
  • Makes cleaning and disinfection as easy as possible
  • Reduces microbial growth on the system

Smart documentation and transfer of data: Data handling & connectivity

  • Reduce the time you spend on data handling and transfer
  • Intuitive interfaces and smart export functions


Advanced Therapies - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Alpha - Extended Capabilities

Cios Alpha helps you expand your clinical capabilities and optimize the utilization of your equipment. Conveniently order additional applications through the Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem Store and fully integrate them into your mobile C-arm. Save costs, take on more challenging cases, and grow into more profitable procedures.

Expand your capabilities the easy way: Cios OpenApps2

  • Open new possibilities by connecting to the Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem Store
  • Choose from compatible and certified apps around your imaging devices and procedures
  • Download apps that help you streamline your work

Teknik Özellikler

Cios Alpha provides cutting-edge mobile imaging for exceptionally small details at the right dose. Learn more about what is inside.

System specification


Detector technology

Flat detector (FD), CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor)

Field of view

30 cm x 30 cm (12" x 12")
20.6 cm x 20.6 cm (8" x 8")1

Image resolution

1952 x 1952 pixel / 1360 x 1360 pixel1

Power output

25 kW / 12 kW1

Orbital movement

148° (– 51.5° to + 96.5°)

Immersion depth

73 cm (28.7”)

Free space

84 cm (33.1”)


2 x 19“ TFT premium high-brightness color display1
2 x 19“ TFT high-brightness color display"

Image storage

300,000 images


Compatible with 802.11 a/b/e/g/h/i/n WLAN standards



Clinical applications and workflows


Vascular software

Vascular Software1, Vascular Software Premium1

Live graphical overlay


Stenosis quantification


2D Measurement


Injector trigger interface


Navigation interface

NaviLink 2D1

Energy Storage Unit (ESU)


Cooling system tube


SmartView - HD VideoManager




DICOM Services

DICOM Send / Storage Commitment1
DICOM Print1
DICOM Query / Retrieve1
DICOM Worklist / MPPS1

Digital Cine Mode (DCM)


Cios OpenApps


Anti-microbial paint




System control

Control technology

Touch user interface

Breaks control

Electromagnetic brakes

Table-side control

Yes, remote user interface1


Yes, angular and orbital1

Position storage

2 positions1

Laser light localizer


Wireless footswitch




Room planning


Unit fuse protection

100 V to 127 V 20 A slow-blow fuse
200 V to 240 V 15 A slow-blow fuse

Dimensions C-arm
(l x w x h)

197 cm x 83 cm x 165 cm
(77.6“ x 32.7“ x 65“)

Dimension monitor cart
(l x w x h)

70 cm x 74 cm x 179.5 cm (27.6“ x 29.1“ x 70.7“),
motor-driven1 + 16 cm (+ 6.3“)

Weight C-arm

Cios Alpha 12 kW1 352 kg (775 lbs)
Cios Alpha 25 kW 360 kg (792 lbs)
Cios Alpha 25 kW with Energy Storage Unit (ESU)1 374 kg (824 lbs)
Additional weight for motorization1 13 kg (29 lbs)

Weight monitor cart

240 kg (529 lbs) (including 2 monitors, UPS)