Case study series: Radiology of the future

Experience Radiology of the future Case study series on Kantonsspital Baden, Switzerland 

This case study series contains four separate issues, that illustrate how Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) in Switzerland entered into a Value Partnership with Siemens Healthineers to holistically improve their radiology practices. Find in-depth information about the the various future challenges they encountered and how Siemens Healthineers helped to overcome them. The series will provide insights into both future developments and trends in Radiology as well as the areas of implementation.

Radiology of the future - Issue 4: The Potential of Networked Cancer Care

Issue 4:
The Potential of Networked Care for Radiology

The traditional hospital concept as well as associated radiology needs to change to align with the evolving landscape of healthcare and to meet expectations of arising challenges related to this industry. In this case study we will take a closer look at the "hub and spoke model" as a modern hospital concept while showcasing how the Kantonsspital Baden improves networking synergies by serving as such a hub.  

Case Study Radiology of the Future Breast Cancer Pathway

Issue 3: 
Value-based breast cancer pathway

Explore the transformative shift in healthcare with this on Value-Based Healthcare (VBH). As healthcare costs continue to rise globally, the industry is pivoting towards a new paradigm that prioritizes patient outcomes over the volume of services rendered. VBH aims to reduce unnecessary utilization by defining 'value' as the health outcome relative to the cost involved. Discover the multifaceted impact of radiology on patient health outcomes through real-life examples from the breast cancer pathway at Kantonsspital Baden.

Radiology of the future - Issue 2: Patient experience project

Issue 2:
Patient experience project 

Visiting the radiology department means leaving your familiar surroundings and entering an often unfamiliar environment. Radiologists are therefore faces with additional social challenges to overcome in order to build a patient-centric environment to minimize fear and increase human interaction. Learn how to enhance patient experience in radiology using KSB's best-practice example, addressing all five levels of patient satisfaction through improved Flow Design, Service Design, and Facility Design.

Radiology of the future - Issue 1: Holistic approach to radiology of the future

Issue 1:
Holistic approach to radiology of the future

Scientific advancements and technological developments in imaging have the potential to fundamentally transform radiology today and even more in the upcoming decade. This paper introduces defining trends in radiology and marks the starting point of a four-part-series that covers these trends through practical examples of implementation. In combination the overview will provide insights into both future developments and the areas of implementation. 

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