Sysmex CA-620 and 660 SystemsTwo options to meet your needs

The Sysmex® CA-600 Systems are compact, fully automated systems featuring clotting, chromogenic1, and immunologic1 measurements in true random-access. Offering the smallest footprint in its class, the systems are ideal for low-volume laboratories or as a backup instrument for large laboratories.

  • Hand-held 2-D bar-code reader automates the data entry process for calibrator and control values
  • Easy-to-use system handling with intuitive menu structure and tilted color touchscreen
  • STAT sample processing enables critical tests to be processed at any time
  • Analyzed data may be displayed or printed with reaction curves for flexibility in result management
  • Environmentally friendly system with minimized reaction tube waste
  • Menu includes the most frequently requested routine and specialty tests, including INNOVANCE® D-Dimer1

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Sysmex CA-620

Some labs need routine testing. Others need routine and specialty testing. With models custom-tailored to the needs of each, labs get the solution that fits their needs. The Sysmex CA-620 System offers clotting testing methodology for laboratories that primarily perform routine tests; the Sysmex CA-660 System offers clotting, chromogenic1, and immunologic1 testing for laboratories that require a broader test menu and perform specialty testing.

Sysmex CA-620
  • The most economical testing solution is usually the one best tailored to your needs. With the Sysmex CA-620 for routine testing, and the CA-660 adding specialty testing, labs get exactly what they need
  • The systems are so easy to learn and use that costly classroom training is not required, maximizing your personnel time and ensuring efficient workflow
  • The Siemens commitment to standardized reagents, quality control, and consumables reduces waste and saves time through streamlined ordering and maintenance
  • Because there’s nearly a year between service visits, you can be confident in consistent uptime
Sysmex CA-620
  • Automated probe rinse eliminates manual steps
  • Simultaneous analysis of results frees up time
  • Increase D-Dimer throughput by 40%2
  • Hand-held two-dimensional barcode reader simplifies the data entry process for ISI, control and calibrator values, lot numbers, and expiry information
  • Sample barcode reader provides simplified sample ID processing and enables security and integrity of patient records
Sysmex CA-620
  • 25% less power consumption2
  • Minimal consumables needed—only CA Clean I, CA Clean II, and reaction tubes
  • Only one reaction tube used per test
  • Results correlate with the entire line of Siemens hemostasis systems
  • Provides confidence through standardized results

The CA-600 Systems build upon the proven technology and reliability of the Sysmex CA-500 Series Systems, thus offering peace of mind and easy integration into your laboratory.

Note: Sysmex is a registered trademark of Sysmex Corporation



Thromborel® S Reagent, Dade® Innovin® Reagent


Dade Actin® Activated Cephaloplastin Reagent, Dade Actin FS Activated PTT Reagent, Dade Actin FSL Activated PTT Reagent, Pathromtin® SL Reagent


Multifibren® U Reagent, Dade Thrombin Reagent

Thrombin Time

Test Thrombin Reagent, Thromboclotin® Reagent2

Batroxobin Time

Batroxobin Reagent

Factor Deficiency

Coagulation Factor VII Deficient Plasma, Coagulation Factor VIII Deficient Plasma

Lupus Anticoagulant

LA1 Screening Reagent2, LA2 Confirmation Reagent2

Protein C Pathway

Protein C Reagent, Berichrom® Protein C1


Berichrom Heparin1


Berichrom Antithrombin III (A) reagent,1 INNOVANCE® Antithrombin1



Von Wilebrand Factor