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Hemostasis Systems

Trusted coagulation analyzers from Siemens Healthineers and Sysmex Corporation

Siemens Healthineers and Sysmex hemostasis systems streamline testing and allow standardized results across low-, mid-, and high-volume analyzers for multisite labs. Leveraging Atellica® Diagnostics IT and lab automation solutions, we help simplify your lab operations beyond hemostasis testing.

Features & Benefits

Streamline workflow with smart system features

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Seamless integration

Siemens Healthineers and Sysmex systems allow standardized results across low-, mid-, and high-volume analyzers for multisite labs.

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Economical workflow

Less than 5 minutes' daily maintenance, efficient reagent preparation, and ready-to-use cleaning solution support economical workflow.

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Sample integrity

Fill-volume checks for multiple tube types and assay-based pre-analytical sample quality checks for hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia (HIL) interference.2

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Secure aliquot technology

Allows multiple tests per sample with one-time piercing for closed-tube sampling and less hands-on time.2

Method Consolidation

Save space and time with consolidated testing 

Activated, aggregated platelets.

Integrated platelet aggregation testing1

When integrated on routine coagulation analyzers—the CN-3000/60001 and CS-2500/5100 Systems and the Atellica COAG 360 System1—platelet aggregation becomes more manageable, reliable, and accessible with easy-to-use, standardized testing.

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LOCI technology3

As an innovative homogeneous immunoassay technology developed by Siemens Healthineers, LOCI® technology employs unique oxygen channeling technology and provides high precision with a small sample volume while reducing the risk of interference. It enables single-sample measurement and STAT processing for emergency samples.

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Coagulation protein testing

In some cases, such as diagnosis of dysfibrinogenemia, coagulation protein antigen levels should be quantified in addition to determining activity levels. The Atellica COAG 360 System1 is the first high-volume coagulation
system that quantifies plasma protein antigen levels of fibrinogen, plasminogen, antithrombin, and c1 esterase inhibitor in human citrated plasma.

Pre-analytical Variables in Routine Coagulation Testing

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Pre-analytical variables associated with patients, specimen collection, specimen transportation, and specimen processing and storage can cause significant differences in the values obtained from routine and specialized coagulation testing. Failure to recognize or address these pre-analytical variables may lead to inaccurate or misleading test values, resulting in patient mismanagement, including misdiagnosis and improper dosing and treatment.

Download this white paper to understand the potential impacts of pre-analytical variables on coagulation test results and how to address them.