Fast and reliable platelet dysfunction detection

The INNOVANCE® PFA-200 System1 provides automated assessment for inherited, acquired, or drug-induced platelet dysfunction. It measures the process of primary hemostasis and aids in the rapid detection of platelet dysfunction. Through flow technology, the system provides a realistic hemodynamic environment for the measurement of primary hemostasis.

  • Screens platelet function in patients with impaired primary hemostasis, such as von Willebrand disease2
  • Provides excellent sensitivity for congenital platelet dysfunction, such as Glanzmann thrombasthenia
  • Verifies efficacy of desmopressin acetate (DDAVP) therapy in presurgical patients3
  • Assesses platelet dysfunction caused by aspirin
  • Evaluates platelet dysfunction in multiple clinical settings, such as presurgical screening, high-risk pregnancy and menorrhagia
  • Detects platelet P2Y12-receptor blockades in patients undergoing therapy with P2Y12-receptor antagonists
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The INNOVANCE® PFA-200 System1 provides simple, rapid, qualitative, and precise automated assessment of platelet function and supports clinically relevant decision-making processes effecting therapies. The system quickly measures platelet plug formation in a small whole blood sample (800 μL) and reports a ”closure time” in 5-8 minutes.


The INNOVANCE PFA-200 System’s unique technology simulates in vitro hemodynamic conditions of platelet adhesion and aggregation in a vascular lesion, providing rapid detection of acquired, inherited, or drug-induced platelet dysfunction in multiple clinical settings. Combining the INNOVANCE PFA® P2Y test1, the Dade® PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge, and the Dade PFA Collagen/ADP Test Cartridge provides a comprehensive, cost-effective preoperative bleeding risk solution.

  • Simple 3-step process requires minimal pipetting and hands-on time
  • Results from one 800 μL sample of blood
  • One cut-off for P2Y samples in 3.2 and 3.8% buffered sodium
  • Preoperative screening results in 5-8 minutes

In combination with traditional coagulation screening tests such as prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time, the INNOVANCE PFA-200 System provides excellent sensitivity to functional defects of hemostasis.

  • Accurate detection of acquired, inherited, or drug-induced platelet dysfunction under high-shear stress
  • Sensitive to quantitative and qualitative abnormalities of VWD in both plasma and platelets
  • Simple, rapid, semi-quantitative, and precise assessment of platelet function
  • Software supports closure curve4 illustrations for use in scientific studies

The INNOVANCE PFA-200 System assesses whether doses are sufficient to induce platelet dysfunction. While other analyzers only detect the inhibition of platelet aggregation, the INNOVANCE PFA-200 System accurately measures the ability of aspirin to prevent platelet plug formation.


Several “screening tests” fail to detect a number of mild bleeding disorders that could cause substantial bleeding. The INNOVANCE PFA-200 System, however, can reliably identify patients with a bleeding risk due to platelet function deficiency. With the INNOVANCE PFA-200 System, most patients with prolonged Col/ADP Closure Times manifest abnormalities in primary hemostasis that could place them at risk during surgery.

  • The Dade PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge provides effective assessment of pre-surgical therapy with desmopressin (DDAVP)
  • Several clinical studies suggest that the PFA closure time (CT) with both the Dade PFA Collagen/EPI and Dade PFA Collagen/ADP Test Cartridges becomes measurably shorter following infusion of DDAVP
  • Shorter closure times indicate improved platelet function and may indicate improvement in bleeding symptoms and transfusion needs
  • No special sample collection requirements–only a small volume of citrated whole blood is needed (800 μL)
  • All PFA tests can be run from one patient sample tube
  • All biological material remains in the test cartridge. This feature minimizes operator/blood contact for improved safety and consistency, avoiding instrument contamination and facilitating safe biohazard disposal
  • Blood samples are stable for up to 4 hours after collection
  • Built-in quality control program reduces risk of reporting false results
  • Password/access levels protect sensitive patient data and provide enhanced traceability records


Dade® PFA Collagen/EPI Test Cartridge
Dade PFA Collagen/ADP Test Cartridge