CT Oncology EngineKapsamlı kontrol muayenesi değerlendirmeleriyle gelişime yön verir

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Kapsamlı görselleştirme sayesinde, kontrol muayenesi sırasında hastanın onkolojik tedaviye yanıtını değerlendirirken klinik becerilerinizi artırın. Geçmişe dair verilerin güncel ölçümlere uyarlanması, derin bilgilere ulaşmanızı sağlıyor. CT Oncology Engine sayesinde, CAD sonuçlarını otomatik olarak sunan, tedaviye karşılık verenler ile vermeyenleri hızlı bir şekilde ayırt etmenizi sağlayan akıllı uygulamalarla süreç verimliliğinizi de iyileştirebilirsiniz.

  • What top innovation will you get?
    syngo.PET&CT Cross-Timepoint Evaluation enables oncological assessment at a glance by bringing color to the follow-up.
  • Başka hangi yenilikler var?
    CT Oncology Engine, tespitten cerrahi planlamasına kadar her adımda size yardımcı olan birçok yazılım uygulamaları sunuyor.

Everybody involved in early detection, diagnostics and the treatment of cancer can retrieve the most complete information, and can see the whole disease, and hopefully, fight it more effectively.

my cases – ready

  • Automatic Case Preparation gathers previous image data from archives and provides


  • Findings Navigator collects and retrieves findings along the entire patient history
  • Auto Layout applies your favorite screen layout
  • CAD and PEV for improved detection of potential lesions

my places – networked

  • Multimodality delivers additional and decisive diagnostic information
  • Findings Navigator makes it easy to share results
  • Dual Monitor for improved comparison and follow-up of image data

my needs – anticipated

  • The syngo.via service agreement enables you to keep your system safe and up to date
  • Get latest software versions which accomplish new functionality1
  • A dedicated contact person will take responsibility for your support needs


In Focus: State-of-the-Art Tumor Evaluation
In an average hospital, 60% - and often more - of all diagnostic CT procedures are related to cancer assessment. Precisely diagnosing and staging tumors is the key to fighting cancer effectively. Dr. Anno Graser, MD at the University Hospital Munich, Grosshadern, demonstrates the benefits of the 3D Volume evaluation of tumors in comparison to the well established RECIST standard. He shows the state-of-the-art evaluation using the syngo CT Oncology application.

Optional Solutions for CT Oncology:

The complete solution:
The combination of the CT Oncology Engine and the SOMATOM CT scanners provides a comprehensive clinical portfolio for oncology CT imaging.


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