CLINITEK® Microalbumin 9 Reagent StripsNine necessary tests for managing patients with diabetes and kidney disease.

CLINITEK® Microalbumin 9 Urinalysis Reagent Strips* provide some of the most appropriate tests for early indication of kidney disease for patients with diabetes, as well as for patients with established kidney disease. One urinalysis strip tests for Albumin, Blood, Creatinine, Glucose, Ketone, Leukocyte, Nitrite, pH, and Protein and also provides automatic calculation of Albumin-to-Creatinine (A:C) ratio as well as Protein-to-Creatinine (P:C) ratio results.

  • Accurate identification of microalbuminuria
  • Samples can be obtained randomly, no need for timed or 24-hour urine collections
  • Reliable estimates of urinary albumin and protein excretion
  • Reliable indications of normal or abnormal findings
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of each visit are maximized
  • Automatically timed and intepreted results, including ratios

Features & Benefits

Early detection and effective management of kidney disease

Albumin-to-Creatinine (A:C) ratio – Early detection of kidney disease in patients with diabetes

  • Microalbuminuria testing is recommended for early detection of kidney disease
  • False-negative and false-positive results are avoided by using A:C ratio testing for nephropathy instead of albumin measurement alone
  • Better prediction of kidney function decline with Albuminuria >300 mg/day
  • Early intervention may stop or reverse the process of kidney disease

Protein to Creatinine (P:C) ratio – Managing patients with kidney disease

  • Early detection and monitoring can prevent or delay chronic kidney disease
  • Proteinuria measurement helps to assess the effectiveness of therapy and progression of kidney disease
  • Higher P:C ratio levels are associated with an increased risk of end stage kidney disease
  • Correlation between P:C ratio in random urine samples and 24-hour protein excretion

Effective detection and management

  • Detect early signs of kidney disease in patients with diabetes
  • Detect early signs of kidney disease in patients at high risk for kidney problems
  • Monitor patients with diagnosed kidney disease

Nine necessary tests – Covering the continuum of care

  • Simple, rapid results at the point of visit
  • Results corrected for varying urine concentrations
  • Reliable and actionable information
  • Available on CLINITEK Status® and CLINITEK Advantus® instruments

CLINITEK Microalbumin 9 Strips* – For patients with diabetes

  • A:C ratio results help to identify clinically relevant microalbuminuria
  • Other key urinalysis tests help to manage complications of diabetes

CLINITEK Microalbumin 9 Strips – For patients with kidney disease

  • P:C ratio results can be used for patients with kidney disease likely to excrete high levels of protein
  • Other key urinalysis tests support the detection of other conditions
CLINITEK Microalbumin 9 Urinalysis Strips

CLINITEK Microalbumin 9 Urinalysis Strips
uniquely offer necessary tests to meet the urinalysis testing challenges in diabetes and kidney disease patients.


Tests available include:
Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio Results
Protein-to-Creatinine Ratio Results