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The rising incidence of chronic disease is affecting population health. Many chronic diseases remain undetected, including chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes.1-4  Siemens Healthineers Point of Care Diagnostics provides testing solutions for this growing global problem.

POC Urinalysis Body Graphic

Using a urine dipstick helps healthcare providers uncover relevant clinical information and can be used along with other diagnostic information to rule out certain disease states and determine if further examination is needed.

  • Detect signs of liver damage
  • Enable early detection of diabetes
  • Identify signs of CKD with ACR testing
  • Reliably rule-out UTI
  • Monitor hydration levels
  • Indicate onset of pre-eclampsia
  • Rapid detection of hCG

80% of chronic disease deaths occur in low- and middle-income environments where most of the world’s population lives.7 While chronic diseases are a burden on healthcare systems everywhere, no one feels this more acutely than developing parts of the world where medical staff is limited, and patients don’t have access to the medicines, equipment, or facilities they need.  

Q-ity Urine strips dip

In a complex world where increasingly sophisticated solutions are deployed to tackle the most pressing problems and promote healthy populations, sometimes it’s the simplest methods that provide the answers. Q-ity™ UA 10 Visual Urine Strips, a readily available urinalysis test strip, can deliver fundamental value to developing markets. Increasing access to solutions that capture baseline patient data quickly and consistently, in nearly any clinical environment, has the potential to improve preventive care and population health management throughout the world.

Q-ity Urine Strips are not commercially available in all countries. Their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers representative for availability.