IHE - Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
A Melhorar a Interoperabilidade na Comunidade Médica

A IHE é uma organização internacional que envolve profissionais de saúde e representantes do setor que trabalham juntos para melhorar a forma como os sistemas de informação em saúde partilham informação. A IHE proporciona uma estrutura comum para a criação de soluções eficazes para acabar com as lacunas de comunicação entre sistemas e promover a sua interoperabilidade. A elevada qualidade dos cuidados ao doente e os fluxos de trabalho clínicos otimizados exigem um acesso eficiente a todos os dados clínicos relevantes ao longo de todo o continuum dos cuidados. A troca de informações ordenada entre dispositivos de diagnóstico e terapia, sistemas clínicos e sistemas de TI de diferentes fabricantes dentro e entre hospitais é essencial para atingir este objetivo.

Enhanced Connectivity & Workflow Optimization
Connecting systems from multiple vendors often turns out to be a complex and challenging task. The IHE Framework provides a standards-based foundation to reduce the complexity of systems integration in multi-vendor environments, healthcare IT standards such as DICOM and HL7 are the basis for defining interoperability building blocks – the IHE Integration Profiles – to assemble larger integrated solutions.

IHE closes the gaps between disjoined systems, bridges loosely connected departments and institutions thus enabling an unobstructed flow of information, ensuring overall data consistency and eliminating sources of redundant erroneous information.

Competence in Integration
Siemens is an active member of IHE right from the start and has made significant contributions towards the advancement of the IHE concepts based on its extensive experience with best practice integration. We have paid close attention to the IHE concepts in product development and have performed extremely well at IHE connectathons (cross-vendor tests) and demonstrations worldwide.

With syngo® and Soarian® we provide the foundation for our open standards-based products and integration solutions. Siemens offers a wide range of products and systems with built-in IHE integration capabilities: imaging modalities, workplaces, imaging solutions and information systems.

Key Benefits of IHE

  • Seamless exchange of data within hospitals & across the healthcare community
  • Easier access to patient data and pertinent clinical information
  • Well-defined implementation framework based on established IT standards
  • Manageable systems integration
  • Cost-effective integrated solutions


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