POCcelerator™ Data Management System

POCcelerator™ Data Management SystemAt the center of point-of-care testing

Easily, securely, and robustly connect all your POCT devices, regardless of manufacturer 

With POCcelerator data management system, you can simplify your POCT workflows and dramatically reduce workload for your staff.

Collect and review all patient results, quality controls, operators, reagents, and device data in a clear and structured format in order to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Maintain control of your POC Ecosystem™ solution, containing hundreds of devices, dozens of sites, and thousands of operators. Improve workflow, extend and enhance clinical capabilities, and improve the overall profitability of POC operations.

  • Vendor-neutral connectivity
  • More than 190 device interfaces
  • Flexible growth
Access Educational Resources

Cechy i korzyści

4 Quadrants graphic
  • Intelligent compliance reporting
  • Integrated E-learning
  • EQA and proficiency testing
  • Enhanced operator management
Dashboard circle charts

At-a-glance metrics are available for Quality Control, Device Operators, Patient Results, and Device Performance. In-depth information is accessible with a few clicks.

Trending graph

Assess device performance for your entire POCT environment, from any location. Quickly identify patterns outside the daily norm and implement improvements.

QC screen

View your QC statistics for a visual representation of the selected criteria. Quickly assess any bias that may exist with different reagents.

Noncompliance graph

View trends and determine the root cause for any errors. Quickly calculate the error rate and use filtering options to pinpoint the source and initiate corrective action.

Zastosowanie kliniczne

  • Laboratory: Quality assurance, user management, and a large selection of devices
  • Medical Device Department: Monitoring, support, and control of devices
  • IT Department: Stable and secure IT infrastructure
  • Procurement: Cost-effectiveness and savings with a single middleware solution
  • Nursing Department: Organizational management of point-of-care devices

POCcelerator has more than 190 device interfaces. Check for compatible instruments by downloading the Device Interfaces List .