Written Requests on Interoperability with Radiation Therapy products – Siemens Healthineers

To obtain the merger control approval of the European Commission for the merger with Varian, Siemens Healthineers entered into certain, legally binding commitments with the European Commission (the Commitments) which became part of the EU clearance decision on February 19, 2021. The Commitments aim at ensuring interoperability between Siemens Healthineers/Varian products and third-party products in radiotherapy. As part of the Commitments, third party vendors may send written requests to Siemens Healthineers through dedicated email addresses.

  • Vendors which seek to receive information on the interoperability between oncology information systems and/or therapy planning systems and medical imaging solutions (including automatic updates on future changes of DICOM conformance statements) may send their Written Request to:
  • Vendors which seek to receive information on the interoperability of respiratory motion management systems and Siemens Healthineers medical imaging solutions may send their Written Request to:

Written Requests shall provide sufficient information in order for Siemens Healthineers to understand the query and to comply with the Commitments.

You may either download the Commitments on EUR-LEX web-site (Document Number 32021M9945) or using the following Download.

A Monitoring Trustee has been appointed by the European Commission to monitor Siemens Healthineers’ compliance with the Commitments.

For any questions regarding the Commitments please feel free to reach out to the Monitoring Trustee: 

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