Individual Education & Practice 

An active learning experience in a virtual clinical environment


Customer Services - Individual Education and Practice

Whether you want to extend the clinical capabilities of your clinical institution, standardize care, attract and retain clinical staff or increase process efficiency you need to drive workforce excellence with continuous education to succeed. Individual Education & Practice provides a range of immersive and digital applications that helps to increase on-the-job competencies with personalized hands-on experiences and a learner-centric approach to train and practice fully individual and independent in a safe environment whenever and wherever you need it. 

  • Enable your staff to train and practice fully individual and independent by using latest technologies as AR/VR, simulation, and digital applications to develop competency on their own pace and whenever they need it.

  • Increase efficiency while enhancing staff satisfaction with innovative learning tools, accessible anytime and anywhere without any interruption of your clinical operations

  • Boost performance at lower cost by leveraging innovative technology for continuous equipment education and skill development 

VR/AR Partner Solutions

Simulation Education

Our VR and AR Partner Solutions are easily accessible, holistic education for various clinical fields that goes beyond equipment usage from instrumentation and procedure training for OR staff to gaming simulations for quick and correct reactions in different emergency situations, or interactive radiation safety simulation based on original 3D models of our equipment and virtual training and assess in X-Ray handling.


abcdeSIMis a serious gaming simulation to train doctors and nurses to react fast in different emergency situations, and resuscitate and stabilize the patient in ordered priority

  • Virtual and interactive emergency training with a high variety of clinical scenarios without exposing real patients to unnecessary risks to optimize clinical operations and minimize medical errors.
  • Fast and easy accessible education anytime, anywhere with a LMS (Learning management system) for tracking progresses and scores by learners and teachers to increase learning efficiency while enhancing staff satisfaction
  • Gaming and simulation technology with a virtual patient model for real-time response to interventions to improve learning experience in a cost-efficient manner

PeriopSim2 is a mobile training application that helps to learn instrumentation and procedures safely, independently and in a personalized environment, before staff goes into the OR 

  • iPad application for mobile, self-directed learning to support the reduction of stress through practicing unfamiliar surgeries 
  • Virtual Reality app for a life-size operating room and a realistic learning experience to reduce costs of attaining and maintaining staff competency 
  • Educator portal for managing learners, tracking assignments and spotting learning problems to speed up onboarding