OncoFreeze AIDeviceless motion management for PET imaging

OncoFreeze AI - simple, one-button, deviceless correction that reduces scan time6 and setup while enhancing patient comfort

OncoFreeze™1 AI addresses today’s respiratory motion management challenges. Building on the benefits of OncoFreeze technology, OncoFreeze AI integrates Siemens Healthineers’ proprietary deviceless waveform and anatomical algorithm technology to enable a motion management solution with a simple click of a button.

Features & Benefits

Breathe easy with OncoFreeze AI: simple, one-button, deviceless correction that reduces scan time2 and setup while enhancing patient comfort.

With OncoFreeze AI, you combine the power of deviceless waveform generation and Automated Landmarking and Parsing of Human Anatomy (ALPHA) technology to seamlessly create images virtually free of respiratory motion in the same amount of time as a conventional whole-body scan.

PET motion correction is now a reality for every patient and every scan—all with one easy press of a button.

OncoFreeze AI - Free of external devices

Free of external devices

OncoFreeze - Faster, more comfortable exams

Faster, more comfortable exams

OncoFreeze - Extended FOV one-click motion correction

Extended FOV one-click motion correction

ALPHA technology is a unique, deep learning, artificial intelligence algorithm that detects specific anatomical landmarks. This allows for automatic identification of the zone to be corrected for respiratory motion. 

Clinical Use

Technical Specifications

General Requirements


  • Biograph Vision™ PET/CT
  • Biograph™ mCT PET/CT
  • Biograph Horizon PET/CT

Minimum Software Version

  • Biograph Horizon must run SW PETsyngo VJ30 or higher1
  • Biograph mCT and Vision must run SW PETsyngo VG80 or higher1


PET Respiratory Gating or PET/CT Respiratory Gating option is required to enable this option.

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.