MR-Injector coupling via Imaging System Interface (ISI)

MR-Injector coupling via Imaging System Interface (ISI)1Simplified & synchronized MR contrast injection & scanning

MR-Injector coupling via ISI is a joint development by Bayer and Siemens Healthineers. It substantially simplifies synchronized contrast injection and scanning by guiding the user through an intuitive workflow with clicks and interactions reduced to the essence. Instead of multiple, time-critical interactions on different consoles (MR host, Injector console, Intercom with Patient), everything is controlled with a few clicks from the MR console. By also supporting remote operation scenarios, ISI may help to provide advanced contrast-enhanced imaging services in remote areas – instead of enforcing patients to travel to distant, centralized expert centers.

Features & Benefits

ISI workflow

ISI is a device that connects the MR scanner workstation to the injector workstation. It enables the injector and scanner to efficiently communicate and synchronize, ensuring appropriate scan timing and simplified workflow resulting in enhanced clinical capabilities.

With the ISI workflow, it is planned to synchronize the application of contrast agent and start of MR scan: the user just has to press one button on the MR console -> “Start Injection”, instead of manually injecting contrast on the injector console while giving breath-hold commands to the patient. Advanced workflow such as scans with delay between injection and scan start are also planned to be supported.

MR-Injector coupling via Imaging System Interface (ISI)1 is designed to:

  • save time
  • improve operational efficiency
  • reduce stress
  • support scenarios such as remotely assisted scans with the syngo Virtual Cockpit


Technical Information

  • MRXperion Injector
  • ISI interface box
  • Planned for MAGNETOM Skyra, Aera, Prisma and Prisma Fit with SW Version XA30 or higher
  • Furthermore planned for MAGNETOM Vida, Sola, Altea, Lumina