Atellica Solution Revolutionary Sample Management

Atellica Solution Revolutionary Sample Management Technology WhitepaperExperience the new standard in sample management

Unnecessary manual tasks during the sample management process are time-consuming and may cause costly delays. Atellica® Solution revolutionary sample management technology gives independent control over every chemistry and immunoassay sample to optimize workflow and help speed results to clinicians.

  • Multi-camera vision system characterizes each tube to optimize processing
  • STAT samples are recognized and prioritized in less than 10 seconds
  • More than 30 sample container types are accommodated, including pediatric and special containers
  • Intelligent scheduling software optimizes throughput and turnaround time for routine and STAT testing
  • Bidirectional, variable-speed sample transport that is 10 times faster than conventional conveyors

Revolutionize sample management and transform care delivery with the power of the Atellica® Solution.