syngo Virtual Cockpit

Move knowledge, not staff

syngo virtual cockpit - syngo Carbon Remote Scanning

Syngo Carbon's syngo Virtual Cockpit1 is a software for remote scanning assistance. With syngo Virtual Cockpit, transform care delivery and achieve a higher level of standardization and diagnostic consistency. By enabling virtual access to experts, syngo Virtual Cockpit allows care teams to increase productivity, and provide the highest quality of care in all locations.

  • Get remote support by securely connecting to any CT or MR scanner within a fleet
  • Boost confidence by sharing in-house expertise
  • Enhance patient satisfaction by improving availability
syngo Virtual Cockpit - remote scanning assistance
  • Utilise remote expert assistance for rare and challenging examinations
  • Offer staff flexibility to work from home
  • Maximize patient throughput by remotely steering multiple systems at the same time
  • Choose from flexible payment options

syngo Virtual Cockpit - boost staff confidence
  • Promote teamwork and increase productivity by sharing staff resources across locations
  • Provide employees with the same high-quality training across all locations
Syngo Virtual Cockpit - improve availability
  • Save patients travel time and costs by offering all standard procedures at all locations
  • Offer appointments sooner with higher scanner throughput 
  • Focus solely on the patient while scanning is taken care of remotely 

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