Changing views in Computed Tomography

SOMATOM Edge Plus CT scanner
SOMATOM Edge Plus CT scanner

Are you ready to change views in CT?

Changing views in CT - with SOMATOM Edge Plus
SOMATOM Edge Plus CT scanner

Whether patient positioning, automation or imaging: SOMATOM Edge Plus offers the latest technologies available and changes views in CT.

Literally changing views in patient positioning - with our FAST 3D Camera
FAST 3D Camera

Introducing the first FAST Integrated Workflow with our FAST 3D Camera for standardized and isocentric patient positioning, correct body region recognition, and correct scan direction setup.

Enhance patient satisfaction with a patient-centric diagnostic workflow.
Smart Touch Panels

Technologists can stay in control and with their patients: Improve patient interaction with the two front-side and two optional back-side Touch Panels.

FAST Integrated Workflow

Find out how you can safeguard correct and consistent patient positioning with our FAST Integrated Workflow.

Get high-quality images from patients that are unable to cooperate.
Freeze motion when your patient can't

Emergency patients, children, combative patients or patients with dementia or parkison have one thing in common: they can't hold still.

For care providers, the pressure to cut expenses results in an ever-increasing need for standardization and precision medicine. The CT scanner SOMATOM Edge Plus provides diagnostic imaging at the appropriate dose and with reproducible accuracy. Obtain rich, detailed information with technologies that bring tin-filtered scanning, 4D, and quantitative imaging to your clinical routine. And game-changing workflow automation simplifies scan preparation and helps you achieve new levels of precision.

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