Clinical Expert On-demand Webinar Series: FLC

Free Light Chains (FLC) Testing: Use of Serum FLC Testing in Routine Clinical Practice Today

Serum FLC testing for free light chains kappa and lambda enables labs to accurately screen for, diagnose, and monitor monoclonal gammopathies. Join Dr. Rein Hoedemakers as he explains the role of serum FLC testing in routine clinical practice today and how N Latex FLC kappa and lambda assays perform on nephelometric analyzers from Siemens Healthineers in comparison to well-established, competing FLC testing solutions. Dr. Hoedemakers also discusses the impact of impaired kidney function on FLC test results and shares insights on his direct experience with N Latex FLC assays.

Dr. Hoedemakers

Dr. Rein Hoedemakers

Dr. Rein Hoedemakers, PhD
Laboratory Clinical Chemistry and Hematology
Jeroen Bosch Hospital
‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands