El nuevo Luminos dRF - Sistema de fluoroscopíaEl único sistema de 2 en 1 con la tecnología Human Touch.

Siemens championed the world’s first 2-in-1 system for radiography and fluoroscopy – Luminos dRF. Driven by our passion for innovation we introduce: The new Luminos dRF with Human Touch Technology. We build on a winning team and strive to reach your goals in image quality, flexibility, efficiency and security in your investment.

  • SmartMove1 – One touch and the system moves to where you need it
  • SmartTouch – Only on human touch, will the system move
  • SmartView1 – One touch to get the image you need
  • The 2-in-1 system for fluoroscopy and radiography
  • Lowest table height of 48 cm for easier patient transfer
  • Brilliant imaging with a large 43 cm x 43 cm flat detector