Multistix® 10 SG Reagent StripsNegative Means Negative

The Multistix® 10 SG reagent strip is the reliable frontline test for detection of a broad range of conditions, from detecting urinary tract infections (UTI1) to diabetes and kidney disorders. Accurately gain a broader clinical insight into a patient's health.

  • Reliable testing for UTI, diabetes, and kidney disorders
  • 10 tests for important markers on a single strip
  • Combined leukocyte/nitrite results for better prediction of UTI with fewer false negatives

Features & Benefits

The Reliable Choice for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Detection at the Frontline

A multicenter study was conducted to identify patients with potential UTIs. There were 1,887 urine specimens tested comparing the leukocyte and nitrite results of Multistix 10 SG urinalysis strips to urine culture.1

Did You Know?

  • Only 10-15% of urine cultures are confirmed positive.
  • The cost of urine culture is significantly higher compared to urine strip testing.2
  • Combining the results of leukocyte (WBC) and nitrite is a better predictor of the presence or absence of urinary tract infection, than any one test parameter alone.3

Combine two leading brands…

Multistix and ...

Be confident that Multistix 10 SG is a reliable rule-out tool for urinary tract infection (UTI)!

CLINITEK Status® Family of Analyzers

Removes subjectivity by correctly identifying positives

Did You Know?

Over 10 million Americans have difficulty discerning color.4
Studies have shown that when urinalysis is performed with an instrument, sensitivity is increased and positives are correctly identified and reported.5
Instrument-read results provide consistency and reliability, sample to sample: In a study of 10,084 samples, the % error (+/- 1 color block difference) among positive samples was reduced from 12.4% when read visually to 2.9% when read on the CLINITEK® 50 analyzer.5

Result Interpretation Accuracy / Urinalysis Testing

Study Conclusion

Save time and money by providing more accurate results the first time. The use of an electronic reader considerably reduces the rate of error in urinalysis strip testing.

Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips

We have over 50 years of experience in serving urine testing needs and continues a tradition of providing high quality products and services.

  • Consistent quality in manufacturing and packaging of Multistix urinalysis strips ensures high quality, reproducible results - each strip, every test.
  • Excellent customer service and support standards that you can rely on with highly trained technical support staff and customer education programs including Siemens' Encyclopedia of Urinalysis.
  • Comprehensive product and service offering including Siemens' Urinalysis Proficiency Program, urinalysis workshops and the broadest product configurations in the marketplace.


Specific Gravity
Leukocyte Esterase

Technical Specifications

Negative Urinalysis Strip Results vs. Urine Culture

Multistix 10 SG urinalysis strips are an effective "rule-out" tool for patients with suspected UTI.

Negative Urinalysis Strip Results vs. Urine Culture

In 93% of cases, a negative Multistix 10 SG strip result for leukocyte and nitrite was confirmed negative by urine culture.

The number of false negative samples was significantly reduced when combining the leukocyte and nitrite urinalysis results.

False Negative Samples vs. Urine Culture

*Further analysis confirmed that a large number of samples defined positive by urine culture did not show a WBC elevation, microscopically.