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ESC Congress 2022

From August 26-29, 2022, ESC was held in Barcelona - this year in a hybrid model with exciting on-site and online session. The 4-day congress coverd a wide range in the field of cardiovascular care.

A big thank you to all participants. Those who want to join us again next year at ESC will be welcome to do so from August 25-28, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This symposium gives insights in the first experience of cardiologists with the photon-counting Computer Tomography and what role CT plays in the chest pain evaluation.

Learning objectives:

  • According to recent ESC and ACC/AHA guidelines, coronary CT angiography has become a first line diagnostic test for patients with chest pain/CAD
  • Learn about photon-counting CT - the biggest leap in CT technology in the last decade and how it is redefining which patient populations can benefit from CT
  • Learn how CT can transform and challenge the current patient pathways in cardiovascular care by providing diagnosis non-invasively and allowing the cath lab to be more efficient

Martha Gulati, MD

Martha Gulati, MD

Cedars-Sinai Smidt Heart Institute - Los Angeles, United States of America

Fillipo Civaia, MD

Filippo Civaia, MD

Center Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco, Monaco

Christopher Lothar Schlett, MD

Christopher L. Schlett, MD

University Heart Center Freiburg/Bad Krozingen, Germany

Constantin von zur Mühlen, MD

Constantin v. z. Mühlen, MD

University Heart Center Freiburg/Bad Krozingen, Germany

Cardiovascular Portfolio

ARTIS icono floor angiography

The world’s first photon‐counting CT, NAEOTOM Alpha® with Quantum Technology, is nothing less than the total reinvention of computed tomography. Based on the revolutionary direct signal conversion of its QuantaMax detector, NAEOTOM Alpha offers high‐resolution images at minimal dose, spectral information in every scan, and improved contrast at lower noise. Benefit from a range of clinical options and breakthrough consistency never seen before – for confident clinical decision‐making and the potential to scan previously excluded patients.

NAEOTOM Alpha. CT redefined.

Cardiovascular MRI

CardiacMRI without ECG? Yes.

Discover Beat Sensor1 – a BioMatrix Technology and see how you can speed up your cardiac workflow and improve patient comfort.

dual source key visual

Ready beyond tomorrow with Dual Source CT

Clinical indications for cardiac CT are rapidly evolving. Already today it proceeded to much more than just coronary CTA: valvular disease, myocardial viability and perfusion, venous anatomy and congenital heart disease are just the beginning. This, along with patient diversity, requires the utmost flexibility in cardiac acquisition strategies – from systolic imaging through to full functional assessment at the lowest possible dose. The right acquisition for the right clinical indication and patient. Be ready beyond tomorrow with Dual Source CT.


ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE Catheter

The next generation of interventional imaging for structural heart procedures gives you greater command over visualization and outcomes2. When you’re in command, interventions have more consistent and positive outcomes. TEE and 2D ICE aren’t enough. You need tools that, reduce variables and complications by enabling conscious sedation compared to general anesthesia, allow for greater autonomy, and provide more command over visualization.


Delivering comprehensive, anatomically precise information to enable informed decisions without missing a beat, the ACUSON SC2000™ PRIME ultrasound system is engineered to go beyond basic cardiovascular ultrasound. Innovations in simultaneous anatomy and blood flow visualization as well as valve modeling and quantification provide clinicians with fast, actionable understanding.

ARTIS Freestyle Access

Artis Freestyle Access
Artis Freestyle Access is the combination of Artis with PURE with ACUSON Freestyle™ Elite ultrasound system3. It allows for immediate availability and improved workflow when using ultrasound in the interventional suite.

ARTIS icono floor angiography

ARTIS icono floor
ARTIS icono floor is the flexible, multi-axis floor system that offers ceiling-like flexibility at a lower price point. The system provides full patient coverage of 2.1 m without having to reposition the patient and 1.9 m lateral coverage, which is ideal for e.g. radial access. Installation sizes start from just 25 sqm, while the free ceiling makes installation easier and minimizes air flow impact during imaging.

Corindus CorPath GRX und Artis icono.

CorPath® GRX

CorPath GRX is the first robotic platform designed for interventional physicians. Robotic-assisted intervention enables precise measurement of anatomy and device positioning with the added benefit of radiation protection for the physician and the potential to reduce radiation exposure for staff and patients.

Sensis Vibe

Sensis Vibe
The Sensis Vibe documentation system is the vital core where all events, decisions, measurements, and data from your procedures are captured. lt reduces administrative effort and standardizes documentation and reporting.

syngo Dynamics

syngo Dynamics
Dynamics Visualization (powered by syngo Dynamics) is a cardiovascular imaging and information solution designed to enable reading and structured reporting. With Dynamics Visualization, access a 360-degree view of the entire cardiovascular service line.

Atellica VTLi Cartridge

Atellica® VTLi Patient-side Immunoassay Analyzer

When a patient enters the emergency department presenting with the symptoms of a myocardial infarction (MI), every moment is critical. Achieving favorable clinical and operational outcomes requires fast and accurate chest pain assessment at the point of care, as well as coordination with the laboratory for quality assurance. Having high-sensitivity troponin testing at the point of care − producing accurate results in just 8 minutes − could transform care delivery for millions of people each year, improving ED throughput, reducing stress and strain on acute care clinicians, and aiding in optimizing the use of time and resources of busy laboratories.

Cardiovascular In-vitro Laboratory Testing

Cardiovascular in-vitro laboratory testing
We provide a comprehensive and expanding menu of cardiac biomarkers across a broad spectrum of instrument solutions that help manage your patients throughout the continuum of cardiovascular disease.

We are looking forward to meeting you at ESC 2022 in Barcelona!