PEPconnectYour smarter connection to knowledge in digitalizing healthcare


Employing digital solutions within your workforce increases your reputation as a cutting-edge employer. It can also enable you to stay abreast of new methods and technologies, and help you bring patient care to the next level. Increase knowledge and skills with a competency-based online education platform that offers instant access to performance support and expertise.

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PEPconnect is our personalized online education experience for healthcare professionals that’s customized to their role and learning behavior – designed to increase their competency, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Explore engaging learning activities (including e-learnings, webinars, job aids, videos, virtual classrooms, and more)
  • Create your own virtual learning experience
  • Benefit from the online network of professionals

Stay current with PEPconnect – and transform care delivery to enhance outcomes. Learn more about PEPconnect in our digital flyer.



PEPconnections is a PEPconnect premium subscription, supporting your clinical institution’s performance growth with integrated workforce education management and administration features.

  • Manage the education of entire teams or departments
  • Personalize the education experience of individual employees
  • Streamline audit preparation
  • Access a growing holistic portfolio of education offerings

Optimize workforce and compliance management to enhance quality results and advance individual employee learning. Learn more about PEPconnections by downloading our digital flyer.

Advanced Modality Subscriptions expand on the essentials in our base offerings, adding PEPconnections1, Advanced Modality Content, and optional Virtual Wallet Points for flexible spending on additional education offerings over a predefined period.