Compressed Sensing
Beyond speed.

Compressed Sensing
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Currently, even with state-of-the-art MRI technologies, we have reached the plateau when it comes to sampling speed. In abdominal and cardiac imaging, for example, this limitation translates into imaging over multiple breath-holds, making it extremely challenging to examine severely ill patients. Other applications, such as 3D isotropic imaging of the brain or MSK joints, provide clear clinical value, but are often not applied regularly due to long scans times.

Compressed Sensing heralds the paradigm shift for routine clinical imaging, by providing tremendous acquisition time reductions and gaining new capabilities for 3D imaging, especially in the depiction of dynamic processes or moving organs.
Compressed Sensing offers synergistic enhancement to parallel imaging with sparse sampling and iterative reconstruction, enabling acceleration factors up to 40.

Learn how Compressed Sensing works

Watch the video and learn how the technology works – explained directly by one of our Siemens Healthineers developers.