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Technology ManagementOptimizing medical technology management through Value Partnerships.

The value of partnership in medical technology management

Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships module Technology Management

Medical technology has become the ‘central nervous system’ of healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies will continue to expand the importance and effectiveness of medical technology. This more powerful and complex nervous system requires expert technology management to keep it running at full potential. From procurement to maintenance, from operational efficiency to financing, Value Partnerships enable improved financial, operational, and clinical outcomes. Value Partnerships provide effective, proactive technology management services that help you deliver improved patient satisfaction, best-in-class clinical outcomes and optimized return on technology investments.

Technology management goes beyond hardware and software maintenance and considers the overall technology lifecycle. It affects:

  • Purchasing decisions
  • Digital technology management
  • Performance and utilization
  • Unlocking staff potential with training and education


Key benefits of effective medical Technology Management partnerships

Value Partnerships for Technology Management enable sustainable success in medical technology management through long-term commitments and deep understanding of every step of the technology management value chain. Value Partnerships enables both parties to work toward common goals – sharing risks and benefits if appropriate. Effective partnerships can transform care delivery by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving patient care.

Our approach to design a Value Partnership for Technology Management

Every healthcare institution has its own unique strategic goals and challenges We use a flexible framework to develop a Technology Management partnership that leverages the strengths and fills the gaps in your existing technology management infrastructure. These are the key stages in forming the foundation of an effective Value Partnership for Technology Management.

Technology Management Whitepaper

Learn more by checking out our white paper "Improving medical technology management through Value Partnerships".

See what your peers achieved

A Value Partnership for Technology Management brings together the right blend of competencies under a single partnership contract, unlocking significant operational efficiencies. This enables a reduction in technology management costs and more efficient use of facilities and staff. This leads to greater staff satisfaction, better clinical outcomes and a more positive patient experience.

Innovative business and financing models

Siemens Healthineers Healthcare Financing

Stay competitive in the long run and make smart financial decisions about technology, infrastructure, and skills – backed by our business models. After deep diving into your financial situation, we’ll create for you a customized financing solution that allows you to deliver high-quality patient care and pursue your strategic goals.

Our customized financing solutions are based on our five main business models: