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Value PartnershipsCreating more value for you.

The value of partnerships

Do you believe the ongoing changes in healthcare belong to a unique era? For example, digitalization shifts to outcomes-based reimbursement, development of new theranostic technologies. Are these changes going to generate enterprise-wide, future-proof outcomes for healthcare providers?

The truth is, change is constant in healthcare delivery. Building long-term success takes insight, resources, and courage. You need a partner that enables you to move beyond reacting to change, and enables you to anticipate and even drive change in healthcare. A partner that helps you innovate new services, strategies and solutions to create value for your stakeholders. We’re that kind of partner, and Value Partnerships are how we help you meet your goals right now, next year, and farther down the road.

Value Partnerships are enduring, performance-oriented relationships.
Our innovative business models help you increase enterprise-wide value in order to meet both your immediate and your future goals. Backed by our three engines, they help you optimize processes, expand your capabilities, and advance the level of innovation in your organization:

Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships
  • Optimize: enhance processes, streamline operations, and improve patient experience
  • Expand: add new capabilities and scale up existing ones to transform care delivery while maintaining quality and profitability
  • Advance: elevate the quality and precision of care delivery by advancing the level of innovation in your organization

Optimize your health system’s performance and efficiency to deliver value in your healthcare market. Our performance management and process optimization practice will help you make the most of your facilities and staff.

Expand your capabilities and capacity so you’re ready to take on growing market opportunities. We partner with you to provide expert help in forecasting, skill management, future-proof facilities design and financing services.

Advance the level of innovation in your organization. You leverage our robust IP portfolio and digital innovation supported by leading-edge clinical expertise, which includes over 500 AI-related patents and other cutting-edge technology.

University Hospital in Galway Ireland

For example, our 5-day lean transformation yielded measurable, valuable and sustainable results for a partner in Ireland within 30 days. With our help, University Hospital in Galway, Ireland achieved rapid clinical and operational performance gains while improving patient experience.

Admiraal de Ruyter Ziekenhuis, NL

Our team has helped more than 500 surgery departments build for their future. Recently, we partnered with Admiraal de Ruyter Ziekenhuis, NL, to design, build, and finance modern surgical and hybrid OR facilities, helping the hospital transform care delivery and expanding their clinical capabilities.

Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, Ireland

We partnered with Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, Ireland to build a digital twin of their radiology department. Digital layout and process optimization yielded shorter wait times, reduced labor costs, and increased equipment utilization in the real world.

Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships Infographic

Value Partnerships combine our strength in holistic medical technology management and digitalization into a long-term performance oriented engagement focusing on the creation of value. With our sustainable healthcare consulting and transformation services as well as our future-proof design planning, we are well positioned to co-create a solution with and for you, which will generate clinical, operational and/or financial benefits.

Value Partnerships help you optimize operations today.

Value Partnerships optimize care delivery to create more value for you.

Download Value Partnerships Infographics here .

See what peers achieved

33% less waiting time
…for patients for CT at Royal Stoke University Hospital, United Kingdom.

>$12m capital freed
…for investment in other projects to improve patient care at Admiraal De Ruyter Ziekenhuis, Netherlands.

0 % reschedules
…for patients at Los Arcos del Mar Menor Hospital, Spain.

+ $1.2m added value / year
…generated for Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom.

+1.200 CT patients / year

…examined per year in at Zaans Medical Center, Netherlands.

65% less downtime
…and 8% cost reduction at VieCuri Medical Center, Netherlands.

Discover the clinical, financial, and operational benefits of engaging into enduring Value Partnerships through our customer implementations worldwide.

Our portfolio modules

Look for a trusted and valuable partner to navigate through truly defining moments
Optimize your operations, expand your capabilities and advance the level of innovation in your network!
We can help you address these challenges today and manage unexpected adversity and opportunities, with an eye on the long-term creation of value and sustainable success through Value Partnerships.

Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships Portfolio

Value Partnerships leverage a dedicated global team that enables and increases value in the near term and over the long run. As partners we achieve better value and create new value in your organization, for you, your staff and your patients. Here you can see the key advantages of Value Partnerships with Siemens Healthineers:

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