Virtual education solution for ARTIS systems

Virtual education solution for ARTIS systemsActive learning experience in a virtual clinical environment

In the healthcare sector, system and clinical workflows are increasing in complexity, requiring digital technologies to develop a skilled workforce. Offering immersive education solutions to your workforce increases your reputation as a cutting-edge employer and can enable you to bring patient care to the next level. 

With Virtual education Solution for ARTIS systems1 you can manage the growth of staff’s performance with practical and hands-on virtual education services and a lifelong learning strategy beyond equipment installation and along the equipment lifecycle. 

With Virtual Education Solution for ARTIS systems, you have a bundle of offerings to increase equipment and clinical competency with digitalized education opportunities: 

  • Increase workforce productivity 
  • Deliver outcomes that matter to patients 
  • Decrease time to operations


PEPconnect is the education and performance experience for healthcare professional. 

PEPconnections2 is a premium subscription to virtual education solutions, supporting you to manage your clinical institution’s performance growth with integrated workforce management and administration features. 

PEPconnect and PEPconnections allows you to 

  • Personalize the education experience of individual employees with customizable learning plans. 
  • Assign, create, track, and manage the education of entire groups 
  • Communicate and share information and relevant activities with your staff at any time 
  • Streamline audit preparation with instant access to dashboards and comprehensive reports 
  • Explore engaging learning activities – including e-learnings, webinars, job aids, videos, virtual instructor led events, and more


ExpertGuidance is a mobile, Augmented Reality training application that provides step-by-step instructions on equipment use and workflows during a clinical procedure, fast and easily accessible anytime and anywhere on a mobile device. 
  • Virtual equipment and workflow education in CTO, EVAR, Aneurysm and Thrombectomy to support the reduction of onboarding time and errors. 
  • Fast and easily accessible education anytime, anywhere on a mobile device 
  • Digital long-life education by using 3D simulation of the equipment with Augmented Reality in a virtual examination room 


SmartSimulator offers virtual Classroom trainings providing and enriching learning environment in a virtual format while using cloud-based simulation for safe practical training without interrupting the daily routine of your system 

Virtual classroom: 

  • Direct interaction with trainers and peers through virtual webcast solutions 
  • Sessions focus on clinical issues. Experts present cases from real patients to guide through advanced applications 


  • Simulation of a medical device from Siemens Healthineers 
  • Customized education on the latest software versions for each trainee 


  • Increase workforce competency through continuous education 
  • Continued device utilization despite training