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Together, We Can Optimize Your Facility Design Through Virtual Simulations

Solutions to help you improve facility planning, clinical workflows and care delivery

Healthcare is in a constant state of change, often leaving administrators scrambling to keep up with new conditions. Construction of new facilities and renovation of existing ones to meet new demands is expensive and time-consuming; failure in this realm comes with an extraordinarily high cost.

In this white paper, we explore how our Value Partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is enabling us to co-create digital twins—high-fidelity models of MUSC facilities—to identify and validate optimized facility layouts and processes. The digital twins are expected to yield optimized solutions that deliver the efficiency and flexibility needed to provide high-quality care and to respond effectively to changes in healthcare technology, policy and demand.

  • Optimize healthcare facility planning
  • Improve workflow efficiency and staff productivity
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Increase flexibility and resilience to unknown factors and evolving needs
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