Quality Control Management

Learn about a suite of web-based, laboratory management software tools that use real-time communication to improve the flow and value of information. These customized tools and reports monitor the quality of laboratory data.


Through a joint marketing agreement with Bio-Rad Laboratories, Bio-Rad provides quality control products and Unity™ Inter-Laboratory Quality Control (ILQC) data management solutions for Atellica® Solution, ADVIA® Systems, IMMULITE® Immunoassay, and Dimension® Integrated Chemistry Systems platforms. The combination of the quality control products and data management solutions helps ensure the reliability and precision of clinical laboratory test systems for Siemens Healthineers customers.


QAP Online, our web-based quality control reporting service, is part of comprehensive offerings found in our LabAssurance™ Service Program.

As part of the integrated network of products and services available to Siemens Healthineers Hemostasis customers, the Quality Assurance program provides all the necessary tools to customize and manage quality control in the hemostasis laboratory. It permits direct comparison of QC results with those of a customized peer group, drawn from a base of over 2,300 participants.

Registering for QAP Online will enable your laboratory to reduce, compare, and present peer group statistics instantly and receive up-to-the-minute QC reports anytime.

QAP Online allows your laboratory to view peer group results instantly, assuring your lab's confidence in daily quality control and proficiency.


Siemens Healthineers provides Quality Control services for our Hematology products through Streck. Register or log in using the link below. Once an account is set-up it provides access to view customer reports and information without the worry of accidentally editing any User account data.

The following is a list of STATS resources available on the Streck website as well as in the STATS ILQC program.

After logging into STATS, Tech Users can do the following:

  • View reports for a specific customer account. Enter the customers 5-digit STATS account number in the Acct# field to view their specific reports.
  • Under the Help tab there are a few tools:
    • Support documents – many of these are also found on STATS page on our website
    • FAQ – this is an expanded version of the FAQ on the website
    • Summary Inquiry – A new report is added for each product after each submission due date (25th of the month). These reports list the current and cumulative data for each lot so you can see how the overall customer group is running for each product and instrument group. They also provide a good idea of how many customers are submitting for each instrument. 

Resources on streck.com – STATS ILQC page https://www.streck.com/products/accessories-services/stats/ 

  • Sample reports for a variety of products, however these are Streck-label examples
  • List of Frequently asked questions
  • Siemens Due Date Schedule
  • STATS-Link User Guide
  • Variety of Videos that cover the most common customer questions

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