IT Care PlanYour access to fast support


Acquiring best-in-class medical equipment is just the first step to remaining competitive in a constantly changing healthcare environment. The management of healthcare IT solutions, including their associated resources, can be both time-consuming and costly.

The IT Care Plan is the service agreement that provides the optimal level of support for healthcare IT solutions and software products for high performance and excellent outcomes. It delivers fast and efficient technical and clinical application support, while keeping software secure and state-of-the-art during its entire serviceable lifetime. A comprehensive education offer complements the IT Care Plan to empower your highly skilled workforce and elevate the quality of patient care.


  1. Remote error identification, diagnosis and repair using advanced software troubleshooting tools

    • Immediate access to technical support
      Technical expertise to clarify technical questions
    • Error diagnosis
      Pre-clarification of error situations using advanced tools
    • Error repair
      Correction of software failures and restoring of system operations
  2. Real-time interaction between clinical staff and clinical application experts, whenever a support need arise
    • Real-time image quality assessment
      Provide the greatest clinical details possible

    • Basic protocol improvements
      Real-time enhancement of existing protocols
    • Workflow enhancements and support
      Step-by-step guidance through clinical applications in daily operations

  3. Regular remote distribution of software updates and upgrades 
    • Regular software updates
      to access latest software performance improvements
    • Software upgrades
      to enhance yours equipment’s clinical capabilities 
    • Plannable installation of updates and upgrades Minimize impact on daily routine
  4. Expert education designed to increase workforce productivity
    • Tailored hands-on
      education in own clinical environment with own practical examples 
    • Clinical specialty workshops
      with valuable insights from experts in their specialty fields 
    • Self-study
      for personalized learning experience whenever and wherever you need it
  5. Continuous real-time monitoring of critical software parameters 
    • Remote access to software systems
      to provide step by step guidance and resolve issues quickly 
    • Detection & Prediction Analysis of equipment core parameters to identify deviations from norms 
    •  Proactive planning of service activities
      to avoid workflow interruptions

Features & Benefits

The IT Care Plan allows you to

  • Be empowered: Benefit from fast expert support for optimized daily operations and empowered users at plannable costs
  • Be innovative: Leverage innovations to keep your IT solutions constantly secure and state-of-the-art for high performance and efficiency
  • Be productive: Make the most of workforce education for high workflow productivity and personalized experiences

Learn more about the IT Care Plan by downloading our digital flyer